31 December 2008


Out with the old, in with the new, right?

With that said, tomorrow
[or maybe even later today] when you log onto to P I E C E S
... you'll see a different layout. Although, this is MY safe haven, MY blog and I can do as I please with it, I think it should also be a bright, fresh space my readers will love to visit daily. Hope you guys like it! If not, I swear I'll change it....lol. Maybe. Ha =)

Also, be on the look out for a new layout on
as well.

Be safe tonight everyone!

30 December 2008

art craving.

I just took this pic on my Blackberry. Not sure if it's too bright, but it's a pic of one of my tats. A meaningful Latin quote wrapped around my wrist in a very fancy cursive font. I love it. Probably more than my other tat, which is a rosary around my ankle. I'm having a tattoo craving though, especially as of recent. I want a few more. I want some Roman Numerals somewhere [my daughter's birth date] and I want something else. Something bigger - maybe more dramatic - words. Not sure exactly what though. But here's what happens. I have a craving, then I begin diligently searching for ideas. I spend about 6-8 months making sure I want whatever idea I came up with. I go to the parlor. Look around [as if I've never been in that one before] ... see someone getting tatted - freak out [as if I don't have any] and say I'll be back. Two months later I'll go back and bring my idea to fruition.

I need my tattoos to be meaningful. I know several people who get tats out of impulse - I'm good on that. No offense to those who do that, I'm sure it gives you an inexplicable high and it's probably thrilling. But it's also ... ehhh... permanent. Unless of course you decide to have laser surgery, which not many people do. Some rather live with a regret rather than pay for laser surgery. Can't knock 'em.

Is it me or are tattoos [and piercings] addictive? I've already done the 6-8 month portion of this and I've actually visited the parlor, freaked out and left, so you know what's next...


60% off sale ... in stores and on-line...

double u, tee, eff..

someone please come take my debit card from me.... like NOW

ayo KG!

happy birthday big bro ... i miss you [and georgia ... I need a damn vacay!]. still mad you ain't come to NY anymore so we could party it up - you owe me :-p ... hope you're enjoying your day though! kiss my nephews for me.

love you!

sometimes you gotta get away...

So, in yesterday's E-high post, like Jeezy, I mentioned that I needed a vacation ... another one. It's about that time. I don't think I can hold out till my birthday.

I want to go back to Wet Republic in Vegas soooo bad!

This place is awesome!
- the atmosphere - the drinks - the music - the cabanas - the bungalows - the SUN!

Then if you want a break from the sun ... just come chill under here...

Anyone ever been here? If not, it's definitely a place to vist while you're in Vegas. It's located in the MGM Grand Hotel.

cuz i'm from new york...

Here's a pic from the Jeezy party @ BB Kings Saturday night I told ya'll about....
Hope you had fun momma ... now you can go back to London and show 'em how we party in NYC!

29 December 2008

i'm still poppin "e"...

Alright, alright - I'm lying.

I'm not talking about ecstasy, never went that route before. Although I hear good things about it [smh], I always felt that I'd be that rare - foaming at mouth - uncontrollable seizures - gotta get rushed to the ER case. But I digress.

I was talking about the epiphany I had on Friday. Yeah. I'm still on that e-high. I got the term poppin "e" from my blogger friend Reggie [Reggie, I'd link you here, but you got too many blogs! Just comment on this and whoever's interested can check you out :)]. He left a comment on the below post and referred to my epiphany as poppin "e"... loved it. So I'm still on it... I need it ... I might never get off.

I partied this weekend. Friday night, stopped at Plumm then went to BB Kings for a friends birthday party. While at Kings, I think I got what might be the sweetest Christmas card ever [thanks Jen-Rose-Jeane *smiles*]. Saturday night I did BB Kings again. My girlfriend's cousin is in town from London and wanted to go out. So since BB Kings is a guaranteed good party any given Saturday - we took her there. Jeezy made a guest appearance and performed, so the crowd was really energetic. Speaking of Jeezy ... I Need a Vacaaaation.

I didn't get much sleep last night. But this time it was different. I didn't care. Funny thing is, I wasn't even tired. You would've thought I had coffee in abundance last night! But I didn't. I had other [legal] psychoactive stimulants affecting my central nervous system that warded off my drowsiness and made me remain alert.

Music Therapy + Laughs + Warmth + His Ear = all that I needed to stay awake. Only thing missing was some Grand Marnier ...lol.

Damn, it was totally not a part of my agenda to write this much today, but whatever. I get carried away sometimes - true writers can relate. I hope everyone's weekend was just as good as mine.

NYE plans anyone?

26 December 2008

the epiphany...

Since there are approximately 4 different meanings of the word, I decided to specify which one I was referring to.

*epiphany: a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.


Ever had one of these...?

There are times when you know you got something good, but then there's always that one day you wake up and you realize how good that thing really is... whatever it may be.

Next week this time we'll be 2 days into '09 ... this couldn't have come at a better time.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

25 December 2008

season's greetings...

Merry Christmas and Safe Travels to all my Readers.


24 December 2008

rainy days.

Feeling refreshed
I'm getting ready to head out the office now which by the way turned into a Day Camp for the day, as everyone bought their kids in, which is what usually happens on these holidays and short work days. I don't even know who's cubicle my kid is in this very minute, I just know she's excited as hell to still be getting gifts from my co-workers.

The weather is so sluggish today ... makes me want to climb into my bed right now and uhh.... pillow talk... yeah. But I have a hair appointment to get to, so that will just have to wait. The rain will still be around.

I don't have much plans this Christmas. I'll be at midnight Mass till about 1:30am and when I get home the kids [my daughter and little twin brothers] will probably tear through the gifts under my tree.

Anyone else have any special holiday plans? BCU, I know you're going away, and your birthday is coming up so... Happy Early Birthday :). Enjoy your trip!

fruitful love.

" Love - a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker." — Unknown

23 December 2008

apartment therapy.

I'd love to have a decor similar to this in my living room but realistically, it won't work.
Sometimes it pays to not have any young ones ....lol.

Although I absolutely adore the black, white [and blue] scheme I seen at IKEA this weekend, [hmmm , good bathroom idea], I've had to resort to darker earth toned colors in my living room [i.e my couch and throw blanket], that can easily conceal typical 5 year old accidents. However, I am satisfied with the contrast of colors I've used in my living room [like my accent wall - Benjamin Moore's electric orange - see example of color below]. I'm not scared of trying bold colors especially when it comes to paints because I loathe monotonous looks.

A black and white room could be very therapeutic though. Maybe I'll make my dream come true when I own a house. I'll have one room that's fresh and tranquil with black and white decor. It'll be my Relax - Relate - Release room.

random thoughts: why do people try so hard?

I'm sitting here at my desk with a pounding headache, listening to the voices of my energetic co-workers exchanging stories about their upcoming holiday plans. I really hope no one decides to include Peggy in that conversation ... While I am very social and usually have much to say, I'm so not in the mood for generic office chatter today.

"Hey, are you all set for Christmas?" - is that really any of your business?

"Hey Peg, is Kianah excited about Christmas?" - Umm yeah, she's 5 - you tell me.

"Hey, what's your plans for the holiday?" - If I tell you, are you gonna want to tell me your plans? I hope not... I'm not really too interested today.

"So tell me, what did you get the little one?" - way too much to tell you ... now leave me alone.

By the time any of them see this post, I'll be in a better mood. My Corinne Bailey Rae album is in my CD Player and I'm drinking my second cup of coffee, smh. I should be drinking my POM Juice. I don't feel like speaking to any Brokers or CSRs, I don't want to book any policies, I don't feel like calculating CA Earthquake limits, shit, I don't even feel like corresponding with co-workers .. so clearly, I'm feeling blah and it's not even that time of month yet. It happens.

I had an interesting night . I was gonna post a 'late night diaries' segment, but this one would be wordless, as I didn't have anything of substance to say. I mean I didn't say much in the last one, but somehow my aimless babble managed to flow precisely.

Ever sat back and thought to yourself that you are trying way too hard to do a certain something or make something come true? Whether it be at work, at home, in a relationship, at school, or just in life in general? Why do we put all our effort into something when we can't really control the outcome of things? Do you ever get tired of trying so hard? Especially when the desired outcome isn't coming to fruition soon enough?

What about the people who don't give a fuck and just let things be? How does one become so ... ummm ... phlegmatic ...? Is this some inherent trait that stems from childhood or can someone become aloof at any given time in their life?

I know I may sound like I'm talking about nothing [once again] but somebody's gonna read between the lines of this post and understand what I'm talking about...

Have a great day everyone.

22 December 2008

gotta have it.

Surfing the net at work today, I found this sweater while browsing

luv it.

recent oral fixation.

Nooo, not him ... :-p

My POM Juice.
I 've recently been drinking one a day [miraculous to the skin], but I am starting to realize what I drink and eat [making a promise to myself to eat healthier starting...... now - not "for '09"] totally differs on the weekends. Actually, my entire diet differs on the weekends, and it's not for the better, smh. Thank God for my fast metabolism. Especially my water intake. No bueno. It's just so much easier when you have a water filter a few feet away from you at work. As far as the POM juice, my weekend intake of that also sucks partly because certain things just aren't available in the groceries near me [specifically this exact pomegranate juice... there are others though, but I'm picky...]. So I end up grabbing a bottle on my way in to the office almost every morning.

I didn't always like the taste of POM juice. It was an acquired taste that I am now addicted to. Not to mention, I firmly believe in the superanitoxidant power in POM [hence the cape over the bottle], and the health benefits are superb. POM has incredibly high levels of very potent polyphenol antioxidants and the antioxidants found in it fight hard to help prevent free radicals from doing their damage to our skin. Antioxidants as a whole are great for skin.

Other health benefits include: improved blood flow to the heart and for the guys: hopeful results for prostate health and drinking 8oz of POM juice daily can help you experience improved erections...how cool...lol.

With that said, I need to stock up at home to keep the consistency going. I am about to be totally dependant on it ...

so beautiful ... literally.

I saw this video of our new Prez & First Lady on YBF... it's to Musiq's So Beautiful song...luv it.

21 December 2008

kisses for georgia.

While you're sitting at your desk tomorrow hardly working, haha... you're gonna log on to http://www.cmxiv.blogspot.com/ as you faithfully do, and see this post. You'll probably come to my house and curse me out when you get off work for posting this drunken picture of you, but do I care? No...

Thank you for all your help in fixing up Kianah's room... funny how 5 years ago during the blackout, you took me to the hospital, and watched me in pain as she made her entrance into this crazy world ... now we're changing her room decor from Dora to Hannah.

Kisses for you! I love you!

"The world would be so lonely, in sunny hours or gray. Without the gift of friendship, to help us every day."
- Hilda Brett Farr

model profile: gisele bundchen

Unbeknownst to several people, Brazilian model, Gisele Bundchen is the most highest paid model in the world ... yeah, world. Also an occasional actress, she is dubbed the 16th richest female in the entertainment industry.

Guinness Book of World Records has her listed as the world's richest supermodel and she has appeared on more magazine covers than any other supermodel out there.

Growing up, she was teased [like most other thin models] and called named like Olivia Palito, which is Portuguese for Olive Oyl [Popeye's girlfriend].

She was discovered in a shopping mall, while eating a Big Mac...lol. Funny how all she wanted to be was a professional volleyball player....

"Sometimes when it's too hot, I just sleep in my underwear. If it's colder, I sleep in pajamas. I don't like to feel closed in. I like no pillows. I like very fluffy beds. I sleep on my stomach and sometimes on my side, but never on my back. Now, if I have my boyfriend with me, I kick him out of bed, because I move around a lot. I'm the worst person. I steal blankets."
- Gisele Bundchen

Sounds familiar...lol

on my bob the builder ish...

Between Christmas shopping and trying to complete the renovations in my daughter's room, I've been pretty MIA...

But I can positively say that I am done all of the above and today I will be putting the finishing touches on her room while she's gone. I promised her it would be complete by Christmas.

*thanks to everyone who's helped me with her room... the painters, the spenders [big and small ones], the rides, and even the one who did all that and still listened to me complain about thee most minute things... I appreciate it. I really have some great people in my circle and I am so grateful for it all.
I can't wait to see the excitement on her face when she sees the finished outcome. Shit, I can't wait to see it myself. Maybe I'll snap a pic of her as she's walking into her newly renovated room...

17 December 2008

i'm off...

... to my company's Holiday Party .... let's see how many fools act a fool tonight, like every other year. I swear Corporate America workers are some of theee biggest drunks... especially in the insurance industry... but hey, these broker's drive us to drink most times.

Anyway, I'm embracing my chic-ness today... donned in a cream - office appropriate - part viscose, part nylon, part spandex - fitted Club Monaco dress [Rose you'd love this dress boo...] with some nice heels and my Rihanna-esque cut nice and sleek... chandelier earrings that are just right and a little bit of MAC lip gloss... well lipgelee really...lol. Yeah, I'm feelin' myself ... I don't usually toot my own horn but hey, we are in an era of CHANGE [Obama '08] so I'll take advantage... haha

By the time I get home, I may be too tipsy to post anything else or reply to any postings but then again I am funnier than usual when I'm tipsy soo ... who knows. Wait - I do have a 5 year old to tend to when I get in, so I'll probably need to sober up. I think she laughs at me when I'm under the influence...smh.

Have a good evening people..

i am not a serial killer but...

.... sometimes I do have some borderline crazed thoughts. But then again, what female with sometimes high estrogen levels wouldn't after being hurt by a man in a violent manner?

I saw this movie called Monster [I'm sure many people have seen this by now] with Charlize Theron when I was a junior at John Jay in my Criminology class. In the movie, Charlize Theron played Aileen Wuornos [very well, might I add], who people proclaimed to be the first female serial killer. She killed 7 men between 1989 and 1990 and was convicted and sentenced to death for six of the murders, and executed via lethal injection on October 9, 2002.

Now this might be the Forensic Psych major in me coming out, but I like to analyze why people, no -- not people. That would mean anyone. I like to analyze why criminals do some of the demented shit they do. I am not condoning Aileen Wuornos' actions, but if anyone saw the documentary as well as the movie, they'd see that she lived an atypical life from childhood which led to a lot of her wrongdoings, particularly her malice towards men.

  • her father was a child molester
  • she slept with several men at a very young age, including her brother
  • she had a baby at 13, and gave him up for adoption
  • her mom passed away, and she became a prostitute
  • she was violently raped which led to her sprees
  • her lawyer was incompetent, she was denied a re-trial and didn't even know she had the right to appeal due to the incapacity of her lawyer.
  • eventually she was executed despite her unsound mind.
I absolutely loved this movie. It was so intricate, a little gruesome and deranged that my eyes were glued to the fucking screen...I like shit like that... The documentary, Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer, is much more realistic than the movie though. While the movie largely portrayed her as a victim, the documentary did not cover up her wretched past.

Taking into account all that happened to her in life [there is so much more than what I have bulleted above], were her actions justified at least a little via self defense? I don't think anyone should go around killing people but...

Think about it...

euphoria: relived last night.

or should I say this morning...

All of a sudden, everything was moving so slow. From the light kisses on her forehead down to her lips, neck, breasts, in between her thighs and throughout her entire body, her caressing and welcoming his manhood to make sure he was pleased, their bodies moving simultaneously, the strong thrusting in and out - it was an ultimate ecstasy.

click here for the entire experience...

16 December 2008

what am i?

[in light of all the recent l-word postings on my fellow bloggers pages]

I think women are exquisite.

I love Strokers, Platinum 21, Body Tap and Magic City [strip clubs in NY are horrid, except for Sue's & Sin City].

I love getting lap dances.

I love The Player's Club [the movie].

I love tuckin' money in thongs.

I like to watch women ... sometimes.

but at the end of the day...

"ain't no ni**a like the one I got..."

what am I...

real talk.


Catch up on “Toy Story 1, 2 & 3". When her man’s not around, it’s her “Toy” she frantically searches for to hold her down…or is it....?

Like Janet Jackson sang “We Can Do It Anywhere”. What places other than the bedroom have you done it in?


Meet “Africa” and her forbidden love affair with her married man.


Has anyone ever told you “You’re Bad At Sex”? If so, then your man or woman just might get a “Letter from the Bitch (or Ni**a) Who Will”.

What skeletons do you have in your closet? “I”ll Give You My Dirty Little Secret” if you give me yours. Our readers ANONYMOUSLY post their most unforgivable and down right shocking secret on this blog. They let the skeletons OUT on this one! Will you???

It’s REAL TALK – We share our most intimate thoughts, true life experiences, exchange advice with our readers as well as some laughs.

It’s REAL WOMEN - Meet Indie, Karrie, Miss Dior and Maia Notewell. 4 interesting event filled lives, 4 strong & animated personalities, 4 opinionated minds and 4 the love of everything FABulous.

It’s STRAIGHT UNDERSTANDING – We don’t hold back and neither should you. So come join us! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Click here for much, much more.


i totally dig this chick... just thought i'd share that with you.

13 December 2008

late night diaries.

It's 4:24am. I didn't go out tonight, so there really should be no reason I'm up right now. But oddly enough, I'm finding it a bit arduous to fall into a deep slumber tonight, something that usually comes to me without announcement on most nights.

4:40am. So without much thought, I decide to grab my laptop which is currently playing some very placid songs, start my Internet and type blogger.com. It's my favorite form of therapy. Yes, drinking, writing and listening to soulful music - the best method of unwinding - for me at least.

5:01 am. I'm clearly taking breaks as I write, hence the gaps in time. As my fingers stroke the keyboard, I can't help but to look over my shoulder, and make sure I am not interrupting his obvious quiescence. Or maybe I should deliberately and indirectly intrude. After all, he interrupts my dormancy most of the time. Although it's with dreams of rapture, it's still a disruption nonetheless. However, his sound breathing makes me quickly dismiss the thought of intrusion. I'll just continue to write aimlessly.

My apologies for not having anything specific to say, as I am just writing to put myself in a calm state of mind, so that maybe, I'll be able fall asleep before getting up to make breakfast for my daughter. It's not like I don't have shit on my mind, I do. But if I start writing now, then next thing I'll hear is "Mommy..." Anyway, I need to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend too. Every year I tell myself I'm gonna start early - clearly that doesn't hold true.

5:32am. Now that my playlist has concluded, my P I E C E S will too. I notice I don't blog much on the weekends. So if I don't speak to you until Monday, enjoy your weekends.
Good night everyone ... or should I say good morning.


12 December 2008

in the obama era ...

Last season, this show was one of my few addictions. Although I was anticipating it's return, I have not been watching it, so I'm unaware of what's really know what's going on.

I'm hearing mixed reviews; some say it's off the hook, but more people have said it's ridiculously OTT.

The other day while at work I was changing my radio station back to 102.7 but I decided to skim through other stations. I typically don't listen to hip-hop [i.e. rap and some r&b] at my desk or at home, because I hear it enough since I frequent urban parties, not to mention, it's not my favorite type of music. It's merely entertainment for me. I'm more into soulful music - music that provides some sort of therapy.

Anyhow, while flipping through stations, I heard "In the Obama era..." Clearly, that caught my attention so I instantly stopped surfing. The station was 107.5, Wendy's Experience, or whatever her show is called. She happened to be talking about Keyshia Cole's show and how much of a disgrace it is to black people.

Her exact words were "In the Obama Era, the Keyshia Cole show is an embarrassment."

Whoa. Am I missing a good season? What has really happened for her to make the show sound so abominable? Now I'm sure the show is a bit urban, but exactly what did that comment mean? Is she saying that now that we have an African American President, the show is too "ghetto"? So, had McCain won this year's presidential election, the ghetto-ness of the show would've been okay? This ties into my friend
Vegas' Blog. He wrote a post about African Americans who think they should become better people now that we have a black person in the Oval Office.

I understand some people's motivation due to Obama's success, but Wendy's comment was kind of disturbing. I should've called in!

dead girl.

So, last night was theee perfect night for in-house movies [for my blog associates who aren't in NY, it was raining all damn day and night] ... and that's exactly what I did. I watched The Dead Girl on ... shoot, I forgot which channel, then late night I watched Blood Diamond on demand.

I liked The Dead Girl ... I'm into movies like that. Although I work in the Insurance industry, I did major in Forensic Psych, so movies that may gross some people out ... I can watch while I eat.

Has anyone ever seen it? It was my first time, and I must admit I'm one of those who asks questions [not too much] ... throughout a movie, because most of the time, things fly over my head.

When the movie ended, I thought I missed a part, so I rewinded [lovin' my DVR], then realized I didn't miss anything. That last scene threw me off. I think I get what happened, but sometimes the obvious isn't always right. Can someone explain? The guy who was supposed to take her Norwalk to see her daughter, is he the one who killed her? I'm guessing she never made it...

I won't hesitate...i'm yours.

luv this song.

10 December 2008

i feel loved when...

Found this quiz from BCU's blog who got it from Eb's Blog [lol] and here are my results:
I feel loved when...

The Five Love Languages

My Primary Love Language is Physical Touch

My Detailed Results:
Physical Touch: 10
Quality Time: 8
Words of Affirmation: 7
Acts of Service: 5
Receiving Gifts: 0

This does make a lot of sense and is pretty accurate when it comes to my emotions and what I prefer in a relationship.

Physical Touch -- I loved to be touched - point blank. I'm not talking sexual intercourse touching right now ... I'm talking 'bout those soft, love tap touching -- back rubs, arm strokes, hugs, pecks, etc ... that typa stuff.

Quality Time -- I need to spend time with him -- preferably alone. I rather late night pillow-talks then outdoor quality time.

Word of Affirmation -- Words mean a lot to me [especially his words]. I need to hear you.

Acts of Service -- I appreciate when he does things to help me. Little things count.

Receiving Gifts -- I mean who doesn't like to recieve gifts? I know I do, especially the little thoughtful ones... but receiving a gift doesn't make me feel any more loved than you simply telling me...

Take the Quiz!

fierce stuff.

I 'm not sure if I love this picture more because of Sasha Fierce or the abundance of noodles in it ... ha
Luv this girl.

09 December 2008


Titled: This, like, guy that i like, like (not really goddamit)

Sounds like something I've done ... hahaha

Ok ... so am I guilty of eccentricity [like her - she is clearly "different" and intelligent, might I add] because I like this girls vids and have watched them over and over and over again...?

She's hilarious ... check out the rest of her videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/kritz4prez

08 December 2008

barack loves his BB too.

Speaking of Blackberry ... It seems as if our President loves his Blackberry too ... :-D [can blogger hurry and get actual smiley faces like wordpress? argh..] but unfortunately, he may have to give it up effective January 20th, 2009, According to the NY Times.

The article is very interesting, as is everything else relating to Obama. He's been speaking a lot about his transition on 60 Minutes. Obviously, many things about his lifetsyle will have to change. Some of the things he mentioned were not being able to go to the barbershop to get a cut anymore and having his barber come to him instead. He also said he's gonna miss being able to take walks just for the hell of it .. awww..

However, some things he still wants to do involves Sasha and Malia of course - like making them breakfast in the morning and taking them to school [with security I'm sure].

Here are some more flicks of him on his BB.


Can someone please, please, please tell me how to blog from my Blackberry!?

I know blogger had some previous issues with blogging on the go and T-Mobile users ... but does anyone know if this has been resolved ?

Typically I jot down most of my thoughts on my BB, then send it over to blogger via the copy/paste function, but it sure would be great if I can post from it too ... I'll probably love my BB a little more than I already do.
thanks :)

07 December 2008

like mother, like daughter ...

Okay, so some things really do run in the family... This is Raee, the adorable 2 year-old daughter of Liya Kebede modeling her clothing line. As if she isn't busy enough, Liya designed a line of children's clothing called Lemlem [meaning "to bloom" in Amharic] which launched earlier this year and the clothes are handmade in Ethiopia.

You can find Lemlem at Scoop Kids (212-691-1926), Seedless Watermelon, (718) 376-2020, Calypso Christiane Celle, (212) 219-8900 and Sons + Daughters, (212) 253-7797.

Check out the website at - http://www.lemlem.com/

uber chic...

Here's another model I adore [yes I'm on my modeling ish today...].

She's 29, Ethopian, and definitely taking the model industry by storm.

Her rise began when Gucci creative director Tom Ford, who was mesmerized by her during a Milan catwalk show, handpicked her for an Yves Saint Laurent campaign. After that, she caught the attention of Estee Lauder's CEO. Liya signed a $3 million contract in March 2003.

“I’d love it if young girls can see me and say, ‘She’s done it, and so can I’.” - Liya

06 December 2008

sticks and twigs ... style icon.

Born Lesley Hornby, Twiggy became the first super-skinny supermodel. Unlike Nicole Richie, Twiggy actually looks good being stick-thin. This is where she got the name Sticks and Twigs from. Eventually, they decided to let her go by her childhood name - Twiggy. I'm lovin' her pixie bob look. Like all ’60s models, the eye-makeup is distinctive.

When Twiggy said "You can't be a clothes hanger for your entire life!", what do you think she was referring to?

ain't this the truth...

"I believe that true beauty comes from inside you and that always shows through. I have no problem with whatever the next look is, whether it's big blonde hair and blue eyes or green hair and dark eyes. That's fine so long as there isn't just one ideal image"

-Alek Wek

04 December 2008

39 years ago today...

A business mogul was born ...

"No matter how you slice it, I'm your muthaf*ckn guy" - he ain't never lie...

Happy Birthday Hov!

[yes, yes, yes - i loooooove him - his aura, his stage presence, his ambition, his talent, his style]

03 December 2008

how realistic?

got this in an email...
click on the pic to enlarge if you can't read the blurb.

love you dad.

Picture this:
You're 5 years-old and your Dad comes home drunk and starts throwing shit, yelling and beating on your Mom for no reason at all - something that occurred more than it didn't. While you grow up, you see that he's around, but not around ... If you get my gist. You see him frequently & he spends time with you, takes you places, but financially, mentally and somewhat physically, your Mother is struggling. She is struggling to put you through a private Elementary/Junior High School. Suddenly at the age of 11, your Dad decides to move to another state with his new wife. So not only is he not around, but he is still not helping your Mom. But she manages to put you through Elementary, JHS, High School & College.

You're an adult now and although you don't see your Dad too much, you speak to him often but you speak to him with so much sincerity and affection - as if he wasn't abusive at one point in his life and as if your Mother wasn't struggling, crying, & complaining about how hard it was to support you by herself - amongst other things.

My question is: Where does this deep-rooted love some girls have for an incomplete father come from? I'm not saying they shouldn't love him, but some people resent their absentee parent. Is it because a child is incognizant to the direct & indirect pain a father sometimes causes a mother? Is it because most absentee parents spoil their kids? Is it because a child knows her father's love is genuine but sometimes their priorities just aren't in order? What about the dad's personality ... let's say he is one of those Cliff Huxtable funny, easy-going and fun to be around dads.. do you think that clouds judgement, leading a child to grow up never seeing through the smoke and mirrors act?

What about when mom and dad speak like they are best friends ... Does it mean she forgot or forgave? Or both?

I wanna know if anyone experienced this or has some sort of reasoning for why this is -- I know there's some psychology behind it, as there is with almost everything else.

me, myself and i.

I stole this from Eb the Celeb [thanks] and catered it to me --

EB - I tried to comment but the page wasn't working :( .. It's probably just me.

this is a good one:

I am not: a pessimist

I hear: TLCs "Diggin' On You" playing in the background and the click of my computer keys

I regret: not going away to College

I care: too much about people's feelings

I always: kiss my daughter before she sleeps and when she wakes up

I long to: be an EIC

I feel alone: no one understands my point of view

I hide: my true feelings sometimes

I drive: like it's my first time, sometimes :-/

I sing: in the mirror :)

I dance: at the Club, while I'm cleaning and with my daughter

I write: all the time!

I breathe: everyday - thank God!

I play: bowling on the Wii very well!

I miss: being around my Dad and older brothers

I search: for the errors of my ways

I say: things on impulse and at times it may come across negatively

I feel: like my life is changing for the better

I succeed: at writing an academic paper

I fail: at saying 'no' to those that don't deserve my 'yes'

I dream: about my future with him

I sleep: like the dead

I wonder: where we'll be 7 years from now

I want: this rug I saw at Crate and Barrel [random i know] for my living room

I worry: when my baby's sick

I have: to work harder in order to achieve my goals

I give: way too much

I fight: to prove my point when I know I'm right

I am: a hopeless romantic sometimes

I can’t: focus when there are too many distractions around me

I stay: in the bed under my blanket on really cold saturday mornings

I will: achieve my goals

I can: do much better in certain things if I were more proactive in my day to day activities

I would: love to visit Greece one day

I might: take an international trip for my 25th bday...

I like: to have monthly Girl Night Outs (or In).

I love: him!

I smile: my daughter does something silly or whenever he says something sweet

I frown: when my feelings are hurt

I read: certain blogs everyday

I work: to pay the bills!

01 December 2008

i know my status, do you?

Today marks the 20th anniversary of World Aids Day ...

I've witness firsthand people not directly infected, still affected. In other words, just because you aren't infected, doesn't mean you won't be affected if someone you know is.

Perfect Example --

I watched my cousin struggle growing up from the age of about 10 through present [
we are the same age]. She lost both her parents to AIDS and although her life continues, she is still affected. Imagine losing both parents [months apart] at that age? In my aunt's last days, she had trouble breathing. My cousin was deeply affected by her Mom's discomfort and lack of information from the healthcare staff. Due this personal childhood experience she was convinced that a career as physician would grant her the opportunity to have a greater role in patient care. This experience heightened her interest in the medical field [she is now a respiratory therapist and on her way to med school]. At the same time, she can honor her mother’s memory by educating others who are unaware.

There are a number of things you can do to raise awareness.
Get Involved ... if not for you, do it for someone you love.

I got my
Red Ribbon on ...

back to business.

Hope everyone had a safe, blessed and happy thanksgiving.

I did ... it was a great 4-day weekend that inlcuded lots of partying, periods of relaxing, moderate eating and some pillow talking ....hence my 6 day hiatus ... lol.

i am thankful for sooo much ... including my readers, the known and the unknown ...

but now that all that is over ... we're back to our daily grinds...