29 December 2008

i'm still poppin "e"...

Alright, alright - I'm lying.

I'm not talking about ecstasy, never went that route before. Although I hear good things about it [smh], I always felt that I'd be that rare - foaming at mouth - uncontrollable seizures - gotta get rushed to the ER case. But I digress.

I was talking about the epiphany I had on Friday. Yeah. I'm still on that e-high. I got the term poppin "e" from my blogger friend Reggie [Reggie, I'd link you here, but you got too many blogs! Just comment on this and whoever's interested can check you out :)]. He left a comment on the below post and referred to my epiphany as poppin "e"... loved it. So I'm still on it... I need it ... I might never get off.

I partied this weekend. Friday night, stopped at Plumm then went to BB Kings for a friends birthday party. While at Kings, I think I got what might be the sweetest Christmas card ever [thanks Jen-Rose-Jeane *smiles*]. Saturday night I did BB Kings again. My girlfriend's cousin is in town from London and wanted to go out. So since BB Kings is a guaranteed good party any given Saturday - we took her there. Jeezy made a guest appearance and performed, so the crowd was really energetic. Speaking of Jeezy ... I Need a Vacaaaation.

I didn't get much sleep last night. But this time it was different. I didn't care. Funny thing is, I wasn't even tired. You would've thought I had coffee in abundance last night! But I didn't. I had other [legal] psychoactive stimulants affecting my central nervous system that warded off my drowsiness and made me remain alert.

Music Therapy + Laughs + Warmth + His Ear = all that I needed to stay awake. Only thing missing was some Grand Marnier ...lol.

Damn, it was totally not a part of my agenda to write this much today, but whatever. I get carried away sometimes - true writers can relate. I hope everyone's weekend was just as good as mine.

NYE plans anyone?


Anonymous said...

going to times square, feel free to come with us


Adina said...
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Adina said...

I'm loving the term Poppin "E"!!! I also find myself experiencing this form of high & its simply wonderful...

My plans for NYE may consist of church and hanging with my son & a few of my girls or maybe just home with my son, haven't made a decision yet.

FYI Reggie...Lawwwddd your Circus is PUREEEE FIYAHHHHH!!! I love crawling up in the bed with my laptop, my french vanilla coffee & your stories!!! LOVEEEEEE IT :)

Anonymous said...

Girl....You know my ass stay "poppin e"!!!!

Like almost every damn day!!!!!

And thanks for the love, you know we gets BUSY, P!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

"FYI Reggie...Lawwwddd your Circus is PUREEEE FIYAHHHHH!!! I love crawling up in the bed with my laptop, my french vanilla coffee & your stories!!! LOVEEEEEE IT :)"

THANKS LOVE!!!!! Make sure yo ass is buying at least three copies in 2009!!!!:)

Adina said...

LMAO, no prob hon...Just let me know when :)

Kofi Bofah said...


You got me.

When I read your title - I thought:

"She wild for that one."


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I don't have any set plans for NYE, except to PARTY, PARTY, AND PARTY!!! Get my eat on and my drink on and my swerve on and my dance on.

Rose said...