24 April 2009


“When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas" - Jean Harlow

23 April 2009

life = photography

you develop from the negatives.


I'm an avid believer in this bitch -no lie. This might sound bad, but as nice as I am, I smile at the thought of revenge. Yes. I don’t have the energy nor the time to entertain trivial people and their actions, so I let Karma deal with them -cuz she's more of a bitch than I am and I love her.

eHUG launch.

The launch party for eHug Magazine was a complete success. We provided our guests with complimentary food, fruits, liquor and giftbags. The bags were gone so quick! They didn't have much, but they were really cute. Each giftbag had an eHug tee (pictured below), an eHug pen, some information on the magazine, literature from one of our sponsors, Element Healing Natural Arts and a CD that tells a great story.

Special thanks to the guys from Brooklyn Bodega who offered the eHug team to be a part of The 5th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival on June 20th. It'll be a great opportunity for us to promote and make a strong marketing presence. See you there!
For all those who haven't checked out the mag yet - please do so -you'll like it.
Also, we created a Facebook group: EHUG. It jumped from 8 to 97 members in like 3 days. Really. Feel free to join.
Thanks to all those who came out!

10 April 2009

really, cassie?

official e-hug launch party.

It's finally here people. Wed, April 15th, the e-hug team will be hosting the official launch party for www.ehugmag.com. If you are in the NYC area, stop by. Details on the flyer above are in fact true. It is free all night. There will be complimentary wine. There will be gift bags with promo tees and many more. Not to mention, Ultra on Wednesdays is the best afterwork party going on right now by the best promoters in NYC - Showcase Ent and Empire Entity. Stop by. If you see me and I don't know you -shout me out, please. I'm reeeeally nice, I promise you.

Ask anyone.

See you there!

04 April 2009

beyonce's nintendo ds ad.

I feel sorta weird jumping right into random posts without first giving an update of the million and two things that has me neglecting blogger for sometime and posting infrequently, but I saw this ad and felt like sharing it for those who didn't see it yet. This is the official ad of Beyonce’s for Nintendo DS.

I love her simple looks. love them.

updates to come soon.