03 December 2008

me, myself and i.

I stole this from Eb the Celeb [thanks] and catered it to me --

EB - I tried to comment but the page wasn't working :( .. It's probably just me.

this is a good one:

I am not: a pessimist

I hear: TLCs "Diggin' On You" playing in the background and the click of my computer keys

I regret: not going away to College

I care: too much about people's feelings

I always: kiss my daughter before she sleeps and when she wakes up

I long to: be an EIC

I feel alone: no one understands my point of view

I hide: my true feelings sometimes

I drive: like it's my first time, sometimes :-/

I sing: in the mirror :)

I dance: at the Club, while I'm cleaning and with my daughter

I write: all the time!

I breathe: everyday - thank God!

I play: bowling on the Wii very well!

I miss: being around my Dad and older brothers

I search: for the errors of my ways

I say: things on impulse and at times it may come across negatively

I feel: like my life is changing for the better

I succeed: at writing an academic paper

I fail: at saying 'no' to those that don't deserve my 'yes'

I dream: about my future with him

I sleep: like the dead

I wonder: where we'll be 7 years from now

I want: this rug I saw at Crate and Barrel [random i know] for my living room

I worry: when my baby's sick

I have: to work harder in order to achieve my goals

I give: way too much

I fight: to prove my point when I know I'm right

I am: a hopeless romantic sometimes

I can’t: focus when there are too many distractions around me

I stay: in the bed under my blanket on really cold saturday mornings

I will: achieve my goals

I can: do much better in certain things if I were more proactive in my day to day activities

I would: love to visit Greece one day

I might: take an international trip for my 25th bday...

I like: to have monthly Girl Night Outs (or In).

I love: him!

I smile: my daughter does something silly or whenever he says something sweet

I frown: when my feelings are hurt

I read: certain blogs everyday

I work: to pay the bills!

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