30 August 2007

Regeneration: On The Rise!

Today, retro clothing lines are emerging. They have become some sort of epidemic! Everywhere you go, there is a fairly new clothing line, who's theme revolves around the whole 80's era. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing them, I'm actually diggin' them!!! Which is the reason I'm blogging about it. These clothing lines (and some others) embody the Tastes, Attitudes, & Lifestyles of the culturally expressive minds in our society! These clothes make dressing up fun and not monotonous. A few that have caught my eye recently were: AIIB, Hiqee, A.L.I.E.N and Lemar & Dauley. I'll give you guys the breakdown on these lastest fads, incase you aren't familiar with them. Let me know what you think!

AIIB (Aspire 2 Be) - In today's society, we express who we are through different channels....right? Our personalities and attitudes often tell who we aspire to be. Browsing through MySpace one day, I fell upon this page and the default pic (to left) totally caught my eye. For these girls, fashion is a huge part of who they ASPIRE II BE! The babies in their collection, as they say, are babies with big dreams, who ASPIRE II BE successful, II BE stylish & fly, and II BE noticed for their individuality..these shirts are for girls, by girls. Check out some of their latest tees.

HiQee - Another one of those cute female t-shirt lines (& hoodies). Funk + Sport = HiQee. Check out their site, http://www.hiqee.com/, for more about the HiQee girls. Some samples of their tshirts below. I'm lovin' the black & whites, the pinks, the blues, and the purples! I might as well say I love 'em all!

Lemar & Dauley -
These L&D Boys are so fly...I love their stuff! I recently went to their 4.5 Anniversary party sponsored by Vibe & had a blast (should've blogged about that)! Thanks Brian!!!

Below is a pic of Chris Brown rocking some L&D...geeeeeeez......he is such a handsome young man :-P

A.L.I.E.N - A Legion In Every Nation. Based in NYC, A.L.I.E.N consists of a group of designers, artists, promoters, stylists & fashionistas aka The Galaxy Riders. And that's exactly what they are....so out of this world! To get a better understanding of the The Alien Crew, check out a 7 minute video on Current TV - http://www.current.tv/pods/scene/PD06941 (I tried to upload & kept getting errors with this one - sorry people!). Also, check out http://www.thegalaxyriders.com/.

Ok, that's it on clothing, for now. I'm sure I'll be back, as there is always something new & funky coming out! Leave your thoughts and comments, and stay tuned for next week's poll!

25 August 2007

In Memory of Aaliyah Dana Haugton

Today marks the day we lost an angel, 6 years ago, already...boy does time fly. Keep Aaliyah's dreams and legacy alive by donating to the Aaliyah Memorial Fund. You can access it through http://www.goodsearch.com/ by typing in Aaliyah Memorial Fund in the search engine, or just click directly on the link above. Also, click on http://www.myspace.com/aaliyah for info on her Memorial Service being held today, her clothing line & a nice poem dedicated to her written by Rashad Haughton.

She's Bossssy!

Hey People!
What better way to start blogging, then to talk about none other than the oh-so-unique Mrs. Kelis Rogers-Jones! I won't go crazy (I promise), and I say this because everyone that knows me knows that I totally adore Mrs. Jones, she's so dope, what can I say?!?!? So I must warn you now & say that you will see her periodically throughout my blog. She is incomparable, beauteous & urbane! Kelis recently celebrated her 28th birthday in at Cameo, in Miami. Happy Birthday Kelis!

Also, be sure to check out Fashion Rocks Magazine, for a hot article about Nas & Kelis and their upcoming MTV Documentary (I can't wait!). Here's a sneak preview, let me know what you guys think!

24 August 2007

Welcome to Crème de la Crème!

Hey People!

I will be using this blog as an avenue to discuss what's happening within the fashion, entertainment and nightlife industries as well as social events, and any interesting ventures I'm aware of - especially NYC events. Whether it's the latest fad, newest clothing lines, hottest celeb news or nightlife events, mouthwatering restaurants, a fundraising event or a simple after work spot, it's being spoken about right here!!

I will also state my opinion on certain topics, so I encourage you all to leave feedback on the postings as well, this will give me the communicative dialogue I'm looking for ! I also urge criticisms. If anyone feels there is anything I can do to improve the site and its content, please let me know! The material presented here will be a fragment of a forthcoming magazine. The magazine's content will be similar to that of this blog, just in greater depths.

Get ready to enter the dynamic world of young entrepreneurs, diverse socialites and culturally expressive individuals!!!

Feel free to check me out on MySpace: www.myspace.com/dainty_vixen also


08 August 2007

about me

Born in Miami, but raised in Brooklyn. So I am verbally infectious, highly opionated and I embody several traits. I am a writer. a mother. a daughter. a friend. a magazine junkie. a socialite. an extrovert. eccentric. chic. erotic. independent. appealing. competitive. inquisitive. lucrative. humorous. benevolent. aplomb. ingenious. driven. efficacious. I am outspoken and funny... welcome to P I E C E S - of my taste, attitude & lifestyle.