23 March 2009

new section on www.ehugmag.com

It includes the following subtitles:








Any suggestions, comments or questions, just email info@ehugmag.com.

Launch party coming soon.

Check it out.

18 March 2009

halo - male version

i like..

love it.

that baby is gonna be an eccentric cutie.

13 March 2009

new post on e-hug.

I just did a short and interesting post http://www.ehugmag.com/. I also just finished editing many of the articles submitted by some of the writers, so we'll be populating the site real soon with them. New sections such as "Back to Basics", "World Travel" and "Food Recipes" amongst others, will also be added. It's looking good.

Anyway, here's a blurb from my post:

Check it out. It's in the Sex/Relationships tab.

marriott sleepover.

So, my daughter's sleepover at the Marriott begins tonight and ends on Sunday. She's so excited and has been trying to figure out what to wear for about 2 months now. She must have forgot that the decision is ultimately mine.

I won't be sleeping over with her, due to limited space and way too many kids for my liking (about 20!), but I will be checking in on her throughout the weekend and joining their many activities. This is her first sleepover and I want to make sure she's good.

Tonight will be pizza/movie night for them. Tomorrow is iHOP for breakfast, an indoor pool party, dinner and games and Sunday they check out.

Should be fun.

11 March 2009


...i am officially a certified bartender.



the feeling.

"It is the most wonderful feeling in the world, knowing you are loved and wanted."
- Jayne Mansfield


25 must be big, because I don't remember the last time I actually got gifts...lol.

this over sized clutch

these riding boots:

gift cards including one from club monaco from my mother. yesssss. she knows me.

gave myself (yes, i'm using my birthday as an excuse to shop):

these shoes:


and more importantly - so much love from my family and friends and a million and one wet kisses from the brat!


Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I appreciated all the comments, 12am phonecalls, bbms, textes, emails, kisses - all of it. I had a great time and surprises all week.

Contrary to what others say, I do not think my celebrations were as grand as some people I know, however I loved every bit of it and did not want to do anything huge, I just wanted to spend time with some of the most important people in my life - and I did.

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
Last Tuesday, I stayed at the W Hotel in NYC. If anyone knows about the W Hotel, they know it is nothing but iconic and innovative luxury. That was a total surprise because the whole way there, I kept asking where we were headed. I fell in love with the 18th floor room. Like a kid, I ran and jumped on the bed and buried myself in the silk lilac sheets that adorned the King size bed. We started the day off just right...

We had a great brunch in the W Hotel. Then I hit Silky Day Spa, a few blocks away from the hotel, for a few services. I tried to take some pics but it was so dark in there, they didn't come out clear. I could've taken pics from their site, but I wanted live pics. The atmosphere was so serene and zen-like, I was in a trance the entire time there.

Later on that evening, we went to this Spanish cuisine restaurant located in midtown east. Stuffed my face, then had some shots. Of course I was totally surprised because as we were leaving, or so I thought, I was presented with a cake (pic below). I know people are probably wondering why I'd be surprised, things like this happen right? Right. But if you know him, like I know him, you'd understand.

Thursday, March 5th, 2009
As if my birthday wasn't over, my favorite girls here at work surprised me - again. Adina comes to my desk, like I sooo need to tell you something. Which is normal. We take coffee/tea breaks all the time, so I was like cool. I walk into this room and see a cake and the girls. Love you girls, for real.

Saturday, March 7th, 2009
I had so much planned for the weekend, but seeing as how fulfilling Tuesday was, I cut back on some plans, especially since not everyone was available - so I opted for a good ole party which was at BB Kings in Times Square. As always, Showcase/Empire parties are donned celeb central - Jadakiss stopped by and performed. I got a bit too wasted so I only posted one of my pre-shitfaced pics. Yes, the pic is cropped - there some other drunks in it, and I'm not letting my girls look crazy on the www.

All in all - the party was bananas. A few people can attest to that. Here's a few more flicks before the party got too crazy.

Sunday March 8th, 2009

I was trying hard to remember the last half of my night. Smh. I had the craziest hangover and finally around 6pm, I decided to meet up with my BFF and enjoy the nice day before it ended. We met up, went to this Haitian restaurant with my daughter and stuffed our faces. I felt soo much better. Here's the funny - as we are leaving the restaurant, the music suddenly gets REALLY loud and the song Happy Birthday comes on, lights go off and out comes yet another surprise cake. I love her!

I'll post a few pics on some gifts I got and gave myself in a bit.

03 March 2009


has officially arrived (6:23am). happy birthday to me =). off to my hotel and a day at the spa with a special person.

i got a fun filled weekend ahead too. details to come.

ciao peeps.

01 March 2009

for real.