12 December 2009

think about it.

I've realized something.There are some people who feel too much or are extremely sensitive because of a hormonal imbalance. I get it, I do. Like, a pregnant woman who cries with the snap of a finger or a woman with her period who cries about things she wouldn't have cried about a week earlier. Personally speaking, I've done that bullshit and I'm sure a lot of you have too. Absolutely hate it. Then in retrospect you're like "Um, why the fuck was I crying?" But, there are these other kind of people. Those who feel no understanding, compassion, or remorse and are unresponsive to anything or anyone. Could it be said that they have a chemical imbalance as well? I mean, they're totally on the other end of the spectrum. They have a depth-less, almost non-existent capacity to feel emotion. Maybe you could say that these people have a chemical imbalance instead of whatever else excuse is used to describe their emotionless hearts. But then again, who's the judge of what's normal. I guess abnormal is when imbalances start to affect or hurt those without the actual imbalance.

Make sense?

03 December 2009

pardon my back.

i've been spending most of my nights lately curled up in the bed with my laptop, a good book or the book i’m editing. it’s a huge project so it’s taking up a lot of my time. as winter approaches, i usually get very low key anyway, and it tends to affect all areas of my life - favorably, i'd like to think. i kinda like it like that. low activity keeps me balanced and calm at times. i'll pop in every now and then as inspiration strikes. in the meantime, check out ehug mag, we have new writers + tons of new content every week.

Hope you all have a happy holiday.



"...did you go natural?" is a question, i've recently encountered if i'm not being complimented, since going natural. i came across this poem by Jackie Joice while cyber-stalking natural hair sites (they've helped immensely) and loved how it listed in a nutshell a few of the reasons i decided to take this journey and experience my REAL hair.. for the first time in about twenty years.

Jackie why did you cut your hair?

I liked it the "other way"

Jackie are you going ill?

Jackie do you belong to a religious cult?

Jackie are you a lesbian?

I cut my hair because

I was tired of














and spending.

That's why I cut my hair!

-Jackie Joice

hair idols.

Ayo, Afro-German Singer/Songwriter

Andrea Pippins of Fly

for now.