09 December 2008


Titled: This, like, guy that i like, like (not really goddamit)

Sounds like something I've done ... hahaha

Ok ... so am I guilty of eccentricity [like her - she is clearly "different" and intelligent, might I add] because I like this girls vids and have watched them over and over and over again...?

She's hilarious ... check out the rest of her videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/kritz4prez


André C. Coley said...

I dig this chic. why can't I find a classroom stalker that sits to three seats to the right of me like that. I need that in my life. where can I find her. only problem is, her voice would annoy the shit out of me eventually and every time she spoke, I'd want to choke the shit out of her until she gagged and then I would ease up realizing that I am choking the shit out of someone until she started speaking again and then I'd be trying to choke the shit out of her again. If she's into S&M, she'd probably enjoy it and since I am, I'd enjoy it too. Judging by her voice and her constant twiddling of her fingers, I think she is into S&M and maybe, just maybe, she'd really be into it and we'd have a wonderful and eventful relationship. But I digress, I still want to choke this shit out of her, because her voice will eventually get to be annoying, plus, that bitch was stalking me for like a whole semester, how weird is that. I dig her!!! (LOL)

Anonymous said...

I dig this chick as well....LOL!!:)

Peggy M. said...

Ya'll some weird ass mofos ...lol


Black Sand said...

The scary part is...I like her, I like her alot! lol

the HAITIANS said...