13 December 2008

late night diaries.

It's 4:24am. I didn't go out tonight, so there really should be no reason I'm up right now. But oddly enough, I'm finding it a bit arduous to fall into a deep slumber tonight, something that usually comes to me without announcement on most nights.

4:40am. So without much thought, I decide to grab my laptop which is currently playing some very placid songs, start my Internet and type blogger.com. It's my favorite form of therapy. Yes, drinking, writing and listening to soulful music - the best method of unwinding - for me at least.

5:01 am. I'm clearly taking breaks as I write, hence the gaps in time. As my fingers stroke the keyboard, I can't help but to look over my shoulder, and make sure I am not interrupting his obvious quiescence. Or maybe I should deliberately and indirectly intrude. After all, he interrupts my dormancy most of the time. Although it's with dreams of rapture, it's still a disruption nonetheless. However, his sound breathing makes me quickly dismiss the thought of intrusion. I'll just continue to write aimlessly.

My apologies for not having anything specific to say, as I am just writing to put myself in a calm state of mind, so that maybe, I'll be able fall asleep before getting up to make breakfast for my daughter. It's not like I don't have shit on my mind, I do. But if I start writing now, then next thing I'll hear is "Mommy..." Anyway, I need to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend too. Every year I tell myself I'm gonna start early - clearly that doesn't hold true.

5:32am. Now that my playlist has concluded, my P I E C E S will too. I notice I don't blog much on the weekends. So if I don't speak to you until Monday, enjoy your weekends.
Good night everyone ... or should I say good morning.



**trucee writer** said...

the sad thing is that i was up at that same time just...doing nothing lol

and you're right...once writing starts up and you're just flowing with that stream of consciousness, it's hard to stop girl!

you should have waken him up lol

Black Sand said...

Like "tw" said...I was up too.. I've been in and out of sleep since 11pm - I'm just waking up at 11am. So not like me... I will just blame it on the moon, moon, moon! LoL

I'm going to say lastnights full moon disturbed my sleep patterns. SOunds like *BS but it works for me!

Peggy M. said...

Trucee, hahaha ... I probably should've, but then I might've gotten barked on, as fresh as he is...

Black Sand, it was, it was, it was the full moon! (i like that one, lol).

and I still had to be up early, lil brat had a dentist appt!

Anonymous said...

i been watching you through your blog for awhile now and i want to let you know that i admire and your writing. you are very pretty. keep it up.


Anonymous said...

And I know your going to be reading my book, right???:) It's already up...


Kofi Bofah said...

What in the world were you doing up at 4-5 a.m.?

I am a night owl, also.

I usually just do push-ups and sit-ups until I tire myself out...