10 November 2008

cmxiv [euphoria]

She had seen him a few times in passing, but they didn’t exchange words right away. She was very picturesque and he was quite dapper himself. When they finally spoke, it was pure bliss. MJB quotes "Chemistry was crazy from the get-go, neither one of us knew why". This is exactly what she had felt. Instantaneously, they clicked.

Chapter 5:
For her, this had to have been thee best by far. Maybe it’s because they shared such a common interest in one another that made her profess this experience as "euphoric". Maybe she was falling in love. It was early in the morning, about 2:30 a.m. and she described it as splendid, dreamy, phenomenal and enrapturing. She was taken to another world and placed in a totally different state of mind. She immediately had an overwhelming feeling, maybe like a bond, maybe not, altogether she just knew it was a weird feeling. All of a sudden, everything was moving so slow - EVERYTHING. From the light kisses on her forehead down to her lips, neck, breasts, in between her thighs and throughout her entire body, her caressing and welcoming his manhood to make sure he was pleased, their bodies moving simultaneously, the strong thrusting in and out - it was ultimate ecstasy. She described her state of mind as if she were the Twilight Zone....except this wasn’t a fantasy nor nightmare, it was a divine reality.

Chapter 6:
A deep slow seductive breath releases between her wet moist lips. Her eyes are closed, yet you can still see them rolling back in the back of her head, her body tenses as her head rolls clockwise and anti clockwise as she feels the warm wet hard comforts of his lips, tongue and manhood. She thinks to herself, is this De Ja Vu? This Euphoric feeling has remarkable similarities to a previous moment in her life. "Ohhh my gooosh, what's going on here!?" It feels familiar as it does right, but there is something different, there is more, it is more encompassing. The hands are a little stronger, the angles are a little sharper, the touches are a bit more intense, the thrusts are a little deeeper and this night seems sooo much longer. A question resonates in her mind. "Ohhh my, do I open my eyes? If I do will this be a reality or is this a dream that I don't want to end?!" She bites the bottom of her lip forcing her eyes to look down and she says ...
"Ohhhh My Gosh, YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!"

To Be Continued.