27 February 2009

i gave in.


i'll play with it till i get bored - like i did with others - but to be honest i like it 'cuz i feel like i'm in a room talking to me.

i like talking to me.


26 February 2009

exude confidence.

You gotta do that. Once you have confidence, you can do, say, and wear damn near anything. I have seen the most homely women and men get attention out in public. Why? Because they exude confidence & power. They smile, laugh, engage in exceptional conversation and acquire great body language – which is pertinent. If you’re always slouched and frowning do you think anyone will approach you? Negative. They’re going to see you for what you are - an unmotivated, monotonous individual. Especially someone who's attention you are trying to get. How can you expect to have a fun, blissful life with people if you’re not happy? Sitting around doing nothing is certainly not the answer.

And yes - I’m speaking to a specific someone. I’m only saying this ‘cuz I love you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t waste my blog’s precious space.

Take control. Own it.


hand for you.


come e-hug us.

New e-Hug backsplash -------->

Oh. And here's the new link for e-HUG: http://www.ehugmag.com/

24 February 2009

sorry stress: access denied.

So, I woke up rather lackluster this morning. Not sure why since I had somewhat of a great day off from work yesterday and got to end my night restfully. Brain overload? Maybe. After all, I do have a mile high list of things at work to be done (as always), a couple overdue articles to write, mother-daughter activities to plan, phone calls to make just to say “hey”, and birthday plans to finalize, amongst other things. Sometimes there's just not enough time in the day. My mind is constantly running but lately, I noticed I’ve been initiating long-winded incoherent talks about nothing in particular, leaving his only response to be “huh?”.


Anyhow, during lunch, I decided to get a last minute manicure. I fell asleep and by the time I woke up, my nails were done and dry. I don’t know how that happened, but it did. Manicures don’t take long, but I sure as hell felt like I was sleeping forever. When that finished, I decided that I needed a massage. I looked at clock and thought against it for a second, but f-it. I didn’t care that it was 11 past 2 and my lunch should’ve been over, since I headed out earlier than normal to run a few errands. I needed it. There was so much tension in my back, the massage was almost uncomfortable – well the first half at least. She loosened me up and then tranquility kicked in. I feel great and so stress relieved. Didn't think that could happen in a mere 12 minutes. On the other hand, I feel like I cheated because I will be doing the spa/sauna thing next Tuesday on my birthday as well. Only difference is, it’ll be a full treatment and way longer than 12 minutes. =)

P. S. I totally fell in love with this new shade by O.P.I. I used today. Spring on my mind already.
I’m so over this winter shit.

just another social tool.

Several of my friends are on Twitter. I've thought about it, then dismissed the idea, then thought about it again, then dismissed it - yet again. I get bored with these social tools easily and I'm wondering if it makes sense to even start something that will soon fade away with the rain just as quickly everything else has.

I don't know much about it, but from what I've seen, it seems quick and interactive.



20 February 2009

happy 21st rih!


A few quotes about money that I thought were interesting and quite frank - particularly the first one.

“Don't lend people money, it gives them amnesia”

“Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.”

“It is a wise man who lives with money in the bank, it is a fool who dies that way.” - French Proverb

“You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy.” - Garth Brooks

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” - Jim Rohn

“A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.” - Lana Turner

bombay sapphire on the rocks, please.

So, I [guest] bartended yesterday at Fashion 40 in NYC. First time - no experience whatsoever, besides my Tuesday night mini-lessons - and I must admit, it's quite fun. Definitely gotta thank Steve for letting me use his establishment for my trials and errors until my classes have concluded.

Wanting to bartend really came out of the blue for me. It didn't cross my mind until about 2 weeks ago. After that, I signed up for the 5 classes at Columbia and have been attending every Wednesday. I figured since I'm looking for a part-time gig making some extra cash, I should find something that I would enjoy doing and have fun while doing it.

Anywho, thank you guys for coming out - I really appreciated it and the tips! =)

PS - I'll probably be there Tuesday's and Thursdays afterwork for the next coming weeks. Feel free to come through.

18 February 2009

e-HUG mag.

about ehugmag.com: an e-community of strong beautiful women of all races colors and creeds who will provide a myriad of information from Fashion / Beauty / Relationship Advice to Entertainment News and Current Events.

A friend of mine, Empress, came up with this great concept for a women's online magazine. The blog is fairly new, so you will only see a few posts. However, we have tons of content already written - just waiting to post. We are also still deciding if we want to stay with TypePad or move over to the WordPress platform. Decisions, decisions. An actual interactive website is also in the works of being created since we own the domain.

But for now, check us out at
http://ehugmag.typepad.com/ehugmag/. Be sure to click on the different categories on the left side of the page to view the posts we have up so far.

14 February 2009

happy valentine's day everyone..

13 February 2009

mb fashion week nyc...

has officially begun and will be ending next Friday, February 20th.

Enjoy it =]

p.s.: don't forget - neutrals, pastels and yellow people.

live your life.

“Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present - and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.”

a father at 13?

read the story here.

this little boy looks like a baby!

i'm curious.

So, I had a little accident on Sunday. I have a can opener that I need to retire - badly. Whenever I do need to use it, I'll usually ask "him" to open whatever it is just so I can avoid getting hurt. Recently, I watched him as he finished opening a can with a knife. Anyway, my daughter likes to eat corn - a lot. She asked me to give her some. I get the can, start opening it, when it's halfway open, I proceed to act as if I'm him and lift the lid with a knife...

Next thing I knew my wrist was cut deep and I'm bleeding, screaming and running to him. So yeah, I guess it didn't pay to act like superwoman.

Anyway, I was in Duane Reade yesterday trying to buy a pack of band-aids. When in the hell did there become over 50 different types of band-aids? It literally took me about 35 minutes trying to figure out which pack to buy. Like I stood there looking left to right, right to left... amazed. They have all types. I'm probably late but they even have band-aids infused with bacitracin ointment? Wow. So as I'm standing there looking at the various choices... an employee comes over to me and asks if I need help. So I say "Not really... I'm just trying to get some band-aids". He continues "Well what kind do you prefer?" Then attempts to start explaining to me that there are different kinds and choosing the right one is essential...WTF, it's only band-aids... not stock options.

I grabbed a pack, cashed out and left. What ever happened to there being one, two - maybe three different types of any one item?
P.S. - my daughter has apologized and vowed to never ever eat corn again since it cut Mommy's wrist...

colbie caillat & jason mraz.

I have individual vids from each of them on this blog... i love them... now they have a song together. i freakin' love it!

11 February 2009

100 readers today.

Although the feedburner reader count fluctuates daily, I was looking forward to hitting this number... thank you readers.

happy birthday joanna.

You know I love you, right?
Happy Birthday boo =]
Had tons of fun last night!



feelin like...

lady gaga today.

09 February 2009

iconic traits.

Jennifer Hudson definitely deserves a standing ovation, not only did she look chic at the Grammy awards on Sunday night, she also made history, becoming the first Black female to win a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award all with her first movie role and first recording album, now that's pretty impressive! She's well on her way to becoming an icon. Most importantly despite the tragedy she's endured these past months, she's held her head with fashionable grace.

06 February 2009

the dance of intimacy.

*got this in an email ... although I've read it before, it's still a great read and wanted to share with you all ... and if you've also seen this before just look at it like a helpful reminder ... enjoy*

Coming Back to Center in a Relationship

Anyone in a long-term relationship knows that the dance of intimacy involves coming together and moving apart. Early in a relationship, intense periods of closeness are important in order to establish the ground of a new union. Just as a sapling needs a lot more attention than a full-grown tree, budding relationships demand time and attention if they are to fully take root. Once they become more established, the individuals in the union begin to turn their attention outward again, to the other parts of their lives that matter, such as work, family, and friendships. This is natural and healthy. Yet, if a long-term relationship is to last, turning towards one another recurrently, with the same curiosity, attention, and nurturance of earlier times, is essential.

In a busy and demanding world full of obligations and opportunities, we sometimes lose track of our primary relationships, thinking they will tend to themselves. We may have the best intentions when we think about how nice it would be to surprise our partner with a gift or establish a weekly date night. Yet somehow, life gets in the way. We may think that our love is strong enough to survive without attention. Yet even mature trees need water and care if they are to thrive.

One of the best ways to nourish a relationship is through communication. If you feel that a distance has grown between you and your partner, you may be able to bridge the gap by sharing how you feel. Do your best to avoid blame and regret. Focus instead on the positive, which is the fact that you want to grow closer together. Sometimes, just acknowledging that there is distance between you has the effect of bringing the relationship into balance. In other cases, more intense effort and attention may be required. You may want to set aside time to talk and come up with solutions together. Remember to have compassion for each other. You’re in the same boat together and trying to maintain the right balance of space and togetherness to keep your relationship healthy and thriving. Express faith and confidence in each other, and enjoy the slow dance of intimacy that can resume between the two of you.

05 February 2009


1: the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals

2 a: a lewd or immoral woman b: a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse

3: something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant

4: complaint

I'm changing. The older I get, the more aggressive and assertive I've become in almost every area in my life. Demanding what I want quite frankly without the extra shit. Just because I’m strong minded, becoming brutally honest and more assertive doesn’t make me a bitch. Don't get me wrong, those in my circle use the word loosely, which is cool. But I'm speaking to those who use it with malice. If someone approaches me in a certain manner I will reciprocate in the same manner. I’ll just be more effective at it. My threshold for ignorance and bullshit has decreased (finally), thus, leading to thoughts of me being a bitch. Those who know me, know I'm really not ... I'm actually very nice... in fact, I'm too nice. However, if being a bitch means handling my priorities well and making sure I get what I want deserve…then I guess I'm guilty =/.

I will tolerate nothing but the best for me. Especially if I've earned it.

One of my favorite Kelis quotes:

"When a woman is assertive and adamant about what she wants, she's totally branded a 'bitch,' 'difficult,' 'hard to work with,' or whatever the case may be. You know what? I'll take it. Call me a bitch, call me whatever, it doesn't matter."

My point exactly.

perfect moments.

No one is perfect, but do you believe in perfect moments? I didn't -- until the past two nights.

They're out there. Although they may not last too long, they come - maybe even far and few between - but when they do come, the only thing to do is seize the moment. I did and still am.

warhol said:

What do you think?

04 February 2009

black history month spotlight: rosa parks.

Happy Birthday Rosa Parks ... and thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sitting down.

-Obama '09-

03 February 2009

rosie b...

where you at ... ?

the big 25...

... is exactly a month away from today and my plans have not yet been finalized.

I mean it won't fluctuate by much. I have two major ideas in mind and activities already set for each ... only difference is that I will either be in NYC or on the West Coast vacaying with my "friend". If I do go on a mini vacation, I will still set up weekend activities in NYC so I can celebrate with my friends and do all that I have in mind. I plan to stay in a hotel that entire weekend with or without visitors -- only constant visitor will be Sir Grand Marnier ... ha.

Eh, either way, I'll have fun.

Gotta make a decision asap.

Countdown has officially begun ... yes, a month away.

ode to my bffae.

I like the fact that we've been friends since we were 5.

I like how we used to go to Lefferts Park after school in our uniform and tie our school shirts up and make our skirts shorter just to look "cool" while watching Aston (RIP) and the other guys play ball.

I like how I got in trouble for you because I got home late the day we got caught in Nick's basement 10 years ago.

Better yet, I loved the look on your face when his grandfather came and turned the light on and saw us clutching each other. Priceless.

I like how you used to go home late and get in trouble for me back when we were 13 just 'cuz I wanted to see my crush at the time who turned out to be Kianah's Dad. You always told me that would happen...lol.

I like how we used to put my little brothers to sleep while my mom was working hours on end during the weekends just so we can have 13 year old fun.

I love how they used to call you "Madege"...hahahaha

I like how I've been there for you in your most tumultuous moments, as you have been for me.

I love the way you call me your AE.

I like the way you call me before every writing job I get (major or minor) and say "go get 'em tigerrrrr". LoL. You're such a retard.

I loved your support when I found out I was 18, pregnant and a freshman in college. You told me I'd still graduate on time, and the same time everyone else did...and I did.

I appreciated your tears when you realized you couldn't make it to Kianah's birth because of the damn blackout.

I like how you reprimand her as if she were yours.

I like that Kianah calls you auntie, 'cuz we truly are sisters.

I love how we've been going to Midnight Mass every year on Christmas for the past say, 15 years... And we still, at 24 years of age, exchange gifts once midnight hits no matter what's going on in Church at that very moment. Smh at us.

Furthermore, I love how you never stopped giving me Christmas gifts when Kianah was born like everyone else did...lol

I like how you physically and mentally help me rationalize when I'm ready to do something crazy.

I like how we text each other in Creole, even though we barely know how to write it and still understand what's being said.

I love how we cry from laughing at each other.

I appreciate my little twin brothers for asking you and I to be sponsors for their Confirmation. They said there's something about our friendship that made 'em choose us.

There's sooo much more to say ... but it wouldn't all fit on a blog, so I'll end here...

Damn homie, 20 years?! Nowadays, friendships don't last nowhere near that.

Luv you =]

P.S. When you get this post to your Blackberry, please don't call me all mushy... thanks...lol.

miss wizard of oz says...

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

02 February 2009

angels and demons.

If anyone knows me well, they know that I am a huge fan of Dan Brown's novels. I've read every one of his books. The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons, Deception Point and Digital Fortress. I read Angels & Demons twice. You'd think as good as an author as he is, he'd have more books out by now. But then again, his novels display creativity like no other, so he probably needs much time to put together such intricate plots.

Although most of his books gets labeled as anti-Christ like - especially The DaVinci Code - I am still hooked to each and every one. When I read them I don't see anti-Christ. I see: Thriller. Controversy. Hope. Confusion. Anger. Faith. Distrust. Love. And I enjoy every bit of it.

Anywho, Angels & Demons is set to hit movie theaters on May 15. I am super excited about it, but I was just as excited for The DaVinci Code and when that hit theaters, I was disappointed. The book was much better... as usual. Hopefully I am not let down again.

I did read somewhere that he has a new book in progress, The Solomon Key, which will take place in Washington, DC, and will be mainly about the Freemasons. Interesting.

Can't wait.

red hot chili peppers.

even though I don't feel like this all the time...I
love this song.

01 February 2009


Yeah, that's what I'm going through. This has to be one of the most difficult things a writer can go through. I feel a void, lol. I haven't been able to blog as much as I normally do because my laptop is "down" due to an unfortunate situation. Yet, my readers and followers are still increasing. I love and appreciate it. I guess it doesn't matter how often I post... I've always been a firm believer in "quality over quantity", so it makes sense.

I'm blogging from my Blackberry right now, and while this will suffice for now, this won't really cut it. I couldn't even blog at work, smh -- the past few days have been so hectic! I was really consumed with these two big accounts I have renewing in March and had to give my Broker a quote by Friday 3pm. She got the quotes at 4pm, and after that I was so not even trying to look at a PC.

Friday evening I attended (and worked the door of) this really cool Open Bar Charity event sponsored by Soles4Souls and Run Athletics. People donated shoes and partied for a cause. I love taking part in anything Charity-related. I typically spearhead all the charity events at my job throughout the year. So when Vegas mentioned he was doing this event, I was all for it. After that, me and my favorite girls (Jen-Rose-Jeane), and a couple other people went to Good Stuff Diner, had very interesting conversations with the guys (as always) and then headed to their Reggae Gold party at this other club.

Saturday was pretty quiet for me. I didn't do much of anything. (Thanks Samantha and Dina).

Oh shoot... Today's Superbowl Sunday...lmao. Anybody have plans? I don't know where I'm watching it yet, but as soon as "he" figures out where he's watching it, I might just roll with him. I'm not really that into football, but Superbowl Sunday is pretty exciting.

Anyway, I'm getting a bit carried away... I'm gonna end this post because the arrows in the top right corner of my BB are very active right now, so before someone calls my cell or I accidentally hit a button and lose all this stuff -- I'm signing out. Talk to you all tomorrow. I have enough content to write about, all I gotta do is post.

Enjoy the day and the Superbowl people...be safe.

P.S. - BCU, I see you're back... Yay, I missed you. =]. I got comments, questions, alll that! So look out for that..


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