12 December 2008

in the obama era ...

Last season, this show was one of my few addictions. Although I was anticipating it's return, I have not been watching it, so I'm unaware of what's really know what's going on.

I'm hearing mixed reviews; some say it's off the hook, but more people have said it's ridiculously OTT.

The other day while at work I was changing my radio station back to 102.7 but I decided to skim through other stations. I typically don't listen to hip-hop [i.e. rap and some r&b] at my desk or at home, because I hear it enough since I frequent urban parties, not to mention, it's not my favorite type of music. It's merely entertainment for me. I'm more into soulful music - music that provides some sort of therapy.

Anyhow, while flipping through stations, I heard "In the Obama era..." Clearly, that caught my attention so I instantly stopped surfing. The station was 107.5, Wendy's Experience, or whatever her show is called. She happened to be talking about Keyshia Cole's show and how much of a disgrace it is to black people.

Her exact words were "In the Obama Era, the Keyshia Cole show is an embarrassment."

Whoa. Am I missing a good season? What has really happened for her to make the show sound so abominable? Now I'm sure the show is a bit urban, but exactly what did that comment mean? Is she saying that now that we have an African American President, the show is too "ghetto"? So, had McCain won this year's presidential election, the ghetto-ness of the show would've been okay? This ties into my friend
Vegas' Blog. He wrote a post about African Americans who think they should become better people now that we have a black person in the Oval Office.

I understand some people's motivation due to Obama's success, but Wendy's comment was kind of disturbing. I should've called in!


Black Sand said...

I have nothing of substance to say but, I've been missing it too! I just told someone today that I wanted to see it but, I could always rely on it to be on repeat a "gabillion" times... Oh and by the by, everyone's not ready yet for Vegas' kind of truth...lol

Peggy M. said...

You are soooooo not lying! V's nuts, lol.

And yeah, it's on repeat I think on Sundays ... not even sure, but I really wanna know what's that bad for it to be labeled like that .. damn!

Anonymous said...

I just find it comical that Wendy Williams of all people has the audacity to call someone ghetto. I admit the show lacks decorum. But they are being themselves. Unfortunately she and her family didn't have the luxury of etiquette classes or even proper mothering. Wendy Williams needs to stop judging. I will admit there are parts of the show that make me cringe but I'm sure if my life was recorded everyday, there would be parts that would make someone else cringe.

Peggy M. said...

Cringe, really?! Like which parts? I really haven't seen any episodes.

Yeah, Wendy got some nerve. I seen her at this Swizz Beats party and her whole attitude exemplified the word GHETTO in it's entirety!

Fab4 said...

Ahhh Wendy is definitely the last person to talk about ghetto. However, she owns up to her ghettoness & doesn't care who says what, LOL

As far as this season of Keyshia's show, I have to say this season is just to much for me. I still watch with the hopes, the yelling, cursing, street behavior will tone down eventually.

The only peaceful portions of this show is when the cameras are on Keyshia. Other than that, you got Neffe & Frankie going IN on each other hard!!

Just this week the you saw Neffe with her pum pum shorts well tight up cussing the shit out of her baby father, smdh....It would be nice to see more positive things on the show instead of all this damn yelling!! Shit I see enough of that on the streets, lmao

Miss Dior!!

**trucee writer** said...

lmao @ Aurora's comment on Wendy Williams because it is so true...she's the worst...sadly enough though, i agree with her this time!!

not because Obama is in office, but because i've ALWAYS hated that damn show. before Obama was even a damn thought in office, i was disgraced by that mess. (sorry for everyone who likes it) i understand how "real" keyshia cole is...and she had a rough life but damn, i aint watching everybodie's life thats messed up...why does she have a show about hers?

aint nobody taping my damn life!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Wendy saying the show is ghetto? Hmmmm, I will leave that one alone.

I've watched a few expisodes, but as usual, it's hard for me to mentally digest the coonery, so I've stopped. I will agree it is "ghetto," but it's because I didn't come from that background or experience.

About this being the Obama era, I can understand. Not because he is a Black president, but because most of the time, when speaking about American history, people tend to note American eras in name of the president at the time (i.e. "Kennedy Era", "Clinton Era"). Although I would love things to change, in the Black community, under the Obama era, I doubt it will happen...people are going to be people no matter what, and change is innate, so it's up to the person...not a president (even if he is the first Black one).

Anonymous said...

Well there is one part where Keyshia sends the entire family to Trinidad. Instead of appreciating the trip they were pussy popping on a handstand, for lack of a better phrase. Then Neffe openly admits to splitting in a dress when she knew she had no panties on. That was so unladylike. But who am I to judge. I don't say the same when I see this yardie girls dutty whining in the club...but they aren't on a syndicated television show either. There seems to only be tranquility when Keyshia or her adoptive mother are in the spotlight. But BET is showcasing the "real" right? Did you happen to see the trailer for "From brothers to bruthas" I listened to it as I flatironed my hair and cringed when I heard "yeah I stabbed you but..." And I grabbed the remote and changed the television. They need to give me a reality show...all these "The Hills, Kardashians and Run's House" crap, what happened to the struggled middle class, I guess we're obsolete

Peggy M. said...

Nooo! I didn't see that trailer ... but after what you've mentioned, I don't think I wanna!

It's sad though, and you're right, almost as if we are obselete since they only capture the really bad or the really good. Sucks.

Zara Stazio said...

I don’t find the show embarrassing at all. When I see KC, I don’t see her family. Each individual in her family represent themselves. If the show were a sitcom, I can understand Wendy making that comment. However, this is about KC’s life and her humble beginnings. KC is an inspiration because she really came from a tough background. She is not ashamed of whom she is, and she takes along the people who were down for her from the gate. Because KC allowed people into her world, her career catapulted. Not only can you see her through her music, but you get a small visual of the pain, and also her breaking barriers to become who she is today. Fuck Wendy.