25 November 2008


Is it me or does our future [handsome ass] President look a bit darker than he actually is on this Dec. '08 cover of GQ?

Things that make you go hmmm...lol.

24 November 2008

hopeful or hopeless?

"Is the glass half full or half empty?"

Everyone has heard of this commonly-used phrase. It's typically used to indicate that a particular situation could be seen as optimistic
[half full] or pessimistic [half empty]. This has also been used as general litmus tests [tests that rely on single indicators] to simply determine if an individual is an optimist or a pessimist.

Another purpose of this question is to illustrate that a situation may be seen in several ways based on someone's stance and that there may be opportunity or trouble in that given situation.

This expression can be also used to identify who's willing to think outside the box. In other words, someone might argue that this glass is the wrong size and cannot determine if it's half full or empty. [Really now?]

This is also used to explain how people perceive on events and objects. Perception is unique to every individual and is simply your interpretation of reality.

See, I think I'm pretty sanguine. But upon seeing this glass, the first words that come out my mouth is: "It's half empty."

Anyway, I wanna know what you are, and I don't wanna hear, "Oh I'm an optimist, I usually think positive, blah, blah, blah." That's not what I'm asking. I just wanna know what your initial reaction is upon seeing this glass. What would you say? Is it half full, or half empty? Just give me two words.

* for those who get my posts straight to their PDA's please stop falling into the Technology Trap and get to a PC and let me know your two words ... thanks :)**

random thoughts.

  • Annoyance. Please tell me who was the super-size idiot that created the robot phone operator? This has got to be the most annoying invention of mankind. You call your cellphone company & the first 17 minutes is spent yelling into the phone & you haven’t even reached a rep yet. Why am I fighting with a prerecorded voice? You are literally arguing with a machine that you said BILLING and not SALES. No matter how many times I say “operator”, the stupid bitch keep saying “Okay, before I connect you, please tell me what the problem is?”. The problem is YOU, WTF! I always end up yelling “REPRESENTATIVE!” or vigorously pressing “0″ so I can get a live Rep. When will these companies realize it’s much more annoying and time consuming than keying in the options through your phone?

  • Redundancy. Why send me a message on Myspace, asking me the same questions I’ve answered all over my page? You send a friend request, I accept you, then you go back to my page, just to send me a message to ask “Where are you from?” or “How old are you?”. That tells me that all you did was look at my pictures.

  • Speaking of Myspace, if you don’t have an actual contract, you’re not a model or a recording artist. Please spare me.

  • When did not being a gentleman became cool? [please click here for my posting on Chivalry]

21 November 2008

temporary happiness?

In 1374, a philosopher named Geoffrey Chaucer wrote"All things must come to an end". Later on, the word 'good' was added and several variants of this proverb was created, the most popular one being: "All good things must come to an end."

I've thought about this time after time after time. Especially when things are exceptionally good in my life [and my relationship]. I try not to entertain the concept though, because the mere thought of it scares me.

Do all good things really come to an end?

'Cuz if they do, then I'm determined to make this "good" thing I got right now go real, REAL slow ... I don't know how much sense that makes to ya'll, but it makes a lot of sense to me. I think it's safe for me to say I'm happy ... and that's a "good" thing, but does this mean my happiness will come to a halt?

I hope not. :-/

friday afternoon groove...

The week's already over and once again the weekend is upon us ... happy friday people, I'm in my friday afternoon groove.

Songs of the Moment:

"Burned by the fire
My love is blind
Can't you see my desire?
That's the way love goes
Like a moth to a flame
Burned by the fire
My love is blind
Can't you see my desire?"
Everything is Everything

"Everything is everything
What is meant to be, will be
After winter, must come spring
Change, it comes eventually"
I'm jamming ... lol.

20 November 2008

is chivalry dead?

I was talking to my best friend last night and we got into a discussion about chivalry.

I happen to appreciate chivalry. Open the car door every once in a while. Help me with my bags [ok he won't carry the Louie, but you get my jist]! Treat me like the lady I happen to be. I love it. But, my best friend goes on to say that there’s a double standard. He asks what does the man in a relationship get in exchange. *side eye*

Truth be told, that’s not the first time I’ve heard that question from a man. My theory is that some of them are “tired” of the chivalry. Ummm, if you’re dating a woman, treating her like a lady should come with the territory. If you’re both walking in or out of some place, yes, you should get the door for her. If she’s carrying a bag or item that looks heavy, you should grab that ish for her.

Don't get me wrong, I'll do the same. I'm not all about Mr. Man doing everything. We can Trade Places [love that song] at times. I was just trying to prove a quick point to my big-headed friend. But this conversation lead to questions I figured I'd throw out there.

Are guys sick and tired of pulling out chairs and opening doors, etc?

Ladies: Does your significant other do that "gentlemen" stuff for you, or no?

Furthermore, do you think that because women have become more and more 'independent' over the years, chivalry has died ?


I was so taken aback by that damn "How To Cheat on Your Girlfriend (and get away with it)" blurb on the cover of Complex that I completely forgot to mention that I saw some pics from the issue and he is looking mighty dapper ... I like the last pic the most.

But yeah, I will have to grab that issue and see what this dude is talkin' bout.... I doubt I'll be impressed. It's probably something that all men know already or some generic ass tactics that women could do waaaaaay better ... lmao. I'll keep you posted.

ummmm ... ok complex.

This should be interesting ... I wonder how many men are really gonna run out and cop this issue.

No, not because of Jim Jones [totally love his voice ... *sigh*], but because of that little article in the upper left corner.... smh!

I mean how accurate is this? Who's writing this? What makes him good enough to write an article on how to do this the right way? Can you sue this person if you do get caught cheating? LOL!

Maybe I'll run to a newstand and take a sneak peak at these tips... I'm really curious in what this dude has to say!

19 November 2008

Pieces ['03 blackout]

*based on true events*

The afternoon of August 14th, 2003

The phone at my desk rings. "Good Afternoon, Claims Department, Peggy speaking!" I said, trying to sound like I actually liked my job. The voice on the other end happened to be my mother. "Oh, hey Mommy... what's up?"

"Peg cherie, you have to leave work now ... the lights just went off at my job, please leave work now." My mother says in a barely audible voice. She worked down the block from me, so typically when something happened near her job, it happened near mine as well.

"What!? Lights out?? Mom, relax please. You're always exaggerating!" While talking to my mom, I was cleaning up my desk, preparing for my last day at work before maternity leave. The minute our conversation concluded, the lights went out on my floor.

"What the hell is going on?!" I shouted. Just great. Here I am, 19 years old, 8 months pregnant, and excited as hell that as of August 15th, 2003 I'd be on maternity leave and wouldn't have to deal with Insurance for a few months. Then this bullshit happens. There's always some problems working downtown Manhattan. First 9/11, now this, whatever it is.

My supervisor runs to my desk and tells me we need to hurry and leave, there's been a Blackout. "There's been a what?!? Ok, Grover, I need to use the bathroom...now." My nervousness sent a quick signal to my bladder, indicating that it needed to be emptied [couldn't hold my urine for shit, I'm sure other pregos and mothers can relate]. "Well, hurry up. Have someone hold the door open for you, but hurry," he said. So that's what I did. My co-worker, Beatrice, held the door for me while I used the bathroom in complete darkness.

As I began wobbling towards the elevator, another co-worker stops me. "Pegs, where you going? The elevators aren't working, duh! We gotta take the stairs, girl, come on!" I look at her and say, "I'm sorry, what? I soooo can't do that, do you not see this belly??? Do you not know what floor we're on???" All of a sudden, they started coming down, slowly. Tears. A mixture of fear, uncertainty and pain, amongst other things. Yes, pain, I started cramping badly.

I headed to the staircase and proceeded to go down the stairs. Taking it step by step, slowly, I wondered if I would make it down. By the time I reached the 21st floor, the pain in my lower abdomen was beyond excruciating, but I sucked it up and continued. By the 13th floor, I was being carried down by two male co-workers. "Ya'll better not drop me", I said to them in a nasty tone. By this point, I was beyond pissed.

I made it downstairs in one piece and as I'm exiting the building, my co-workers and I see my Mother running towards me [she's very dramatic] with tons of Century 21 shopping bags [those who know Sandra, knows she lives there, lol] screaming [as usual]. She says, "Peg, I'm gonna walk the Brooklyn Bridge but you gotta go to the hospital, NOW!".

"For what? I'm good, Ma, I'll walk the Bridge with you, trust me I'm fiiiine." I said [yeah right, lol].

"Are you crazy! You're gonna have the baby!" [How she knew, I don't know, but they say Mothers always know, right?]. Amidst police cars flying down Water Street, not caring about a girl in labor denial, my mother was able to flag down a guy in a Benz. "Take my daughter to Brooklyn, please, help her, she's gonna have this baby!" she says.

He hesitated, then said to my mother, "Where in Brooklyn? Forget it, just hop in, I'll make sure she's okay." He turned to me and introduced himself as Andre. As the car pulled off, I looked back at my Mom sadly waving goodbye to me. That's when the tears really came down.

To Be Continued.

18 November 2008

walking forward.

As mentioned in my previous post [see random thoughts], I'd be clarifying on what I meant when I said my train ride bought about thoughts of walking forward. I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions [they set you up for failure in my opinion], however, the new year is steadily approaching and some Changes [yes this word now deserves capitalization and emphasis - hence the italics] are gonna be made. Shoot, if Barack did it, I could too, right ?

Anyway, I don't know how many of you have been keeping up with the CNN specials, 'Transition to Power' but I have and I keep getting these little subliminal messages. Weird? Just a bit. I mean it's not like he's sitting there [looking so damn handsome] talking about becoming a better person, cutting out all the bad in his life, etc ... but damnit, I hear the message... yeah I really do. I've always been a motivated individual but like a lot of other people, I'm even more motivated now. I figured, why should I sit back and witness Barack make a transition into power and leave myself out?? So not only is he making a transition I'm doing the same thing ... just on different levels [clearly, lol]. One adage that's always meant something to me was: "You can often tell how far your life and career will go based on the people you spend the most time with". I agree. The people you spend most of your time with definitely influences who you are, in my opinion. I've been slowly and discreetly cutting off anything or anyone in my life that isn't walking forward ... and enjoying every bit of it [damn, I wish Blogger had actual smiley faces]. I recently had to ask myself : "How much do you love yourself?" Is it arrogant of me to say I want better for myself? Nope ... Change is very uncomfortable ... especially when you're used to a routine. But don't let that uncomfortability deter you from walking forward.

If your reading this, you are somehow connected to me either directly or indirectly [six degrees, right?]. I have no idea why I decided to share this with you, but someone will appreciate this [subliminal] message. With that said, Operation Transition is in full effect ... I'm walking forward ... come with me, or sit back and watch me.

feeling soulful... song of my mood.

Gotta love her ... she's amazing.

"Just like a star across my sky, Just like an angel off the page, You have appeared to my life, Feel like I'll never be the same, Just like a song in my heart, Just like oil on my hands, Honour to love you..

Still I wonder why it is, I don't argue like this, With anyone but you,We do it all the time, Blowing out my mind.

You've got this look I can't describe, You make me feel like I'm alive, When everything else is au fait, Without a doubt you're on my side, Heaven has been away too long, Can't find the words to write this song, Oh...Your love.

Still I wonder why it is, I don't argue like this, With anyone but you,We do it all the time, Blowing out my mind,

I have come to understand, The way it is, It's not a secret anymore, 'cause we've been through that before, From tonight I know that you're the only one, I've been confused and in the dark, Now I understand,

I wonder why it is,I don't argue like this, With anyone but you, I wonder why it is, I wont let my guard down, To anyone but you, We do it all the time, Blowing out my mind,

Just like a star across my sky, Just like an angel off the page, You have appeared to my life, Feel like I'll never be the same, Just like a song in my heart, Just like oil on my hands."

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17 November 2008


Go 'head Justin...lol

random thoughts

I woke up this morning with the urge to stay in my bed and under his arm for just 30 more minutes. I know 30 minutes is really nothing, but on a Monday morning, after a weekend of much relaxation, just a half hour more definitely means something, to me at least.

I'm mentally and physically not ready for this cold air that hit me as soon as I walked out my building. I get on the train anticipating to be off in 20-25 minutes. But no, not this morning. I mean it is Monday, what should I have expected, right? Today, my usually quick 6-stop ride to work seemed never-ending. Lucky for me, I got a seat, relaxed and did what I typically do on train rides [if I'm not reading or listening to my not so updated iPod - shame on me] - think about random shit and write. Today's train ride bought about thoughts of walking forward [which I'll talk about a little later on - I'm still on my venting shit right now].

Now I'm in the office and already on my second cup of coffee, knocking out the mile high list of things to do that never seems to shrink to barely nothing [maybe if I weren't blogging it would shrink, right? NOT]. Quite the contrary it’s always something! Then that list becomes a separate list so I can keep up with the first list and the two others that I had to make in order to categorize everything for all of my lists! I promise this is how my mind works on most days and it's nerve racking.

I believe I always have great ideas because I’m a thinker but I think if I were more consistent in my day to day work I know I could step my game up even higher. Really, day-to-day life if you want the whole truth. There’s so much power in consistency and repetition when applied properly and I’m sure I could get a lot done a lot faster with that in mind. I have natural distractions and interuptions -- people, visits, phonecalls, my Blackberry, the radio -- but sometimes I ask myself if I'm guilty of distracting myself. I absolutely despise those ‘I need this policy and I need it yesterday’ emails - Brokers seem to have little to no patience, but I can't really knock 'em, as I have little patience myself at times. Just getting to the nitty gritty and blocking things out is something I have a hard time doing because I want to be so efficient - I know it sounds weird, but it makes sense to me. And for me, sometimes multi-tasking isn’t the best route. Which is better: Doing a bunch of things good or doing one or two things exceptionally great? It’s obvious I need to pick, choose and deliver to the best of my ability.

14 November 2008

friday afternoon groove...

The weekend's upon us and I'm in my Friday Afternoon Groove....

Songs of the moment

Sweetest Taboo - Sade

"I'd do anything for you, I'd stand out in the rain...Anything you want me to do, don't let it slip away...There's a quiet storm and it never felt like this before...There's a quiet storm, I think it's you"

Sittin' Up In My Room - Brandy

"How can one be down, tell me where to start....Cause everytime you smile, I feel tremors in my heart....I have but one concern, how can I get with you...Til my day comes, here's what I'm gonna do.... Be sittin' up in my room"

happy friday ya'll.

12 November 2008

bitch rant ...

"Going outta my head I think I'm losing all my mind"

I'm screaming. Ready to pull my hair out or the little of it that's left [clarification -- I'm rocking a dope short cut people, I'm not bald].
Upset? Stressed? Annoyed?

Think again.

It's Him. His love. His hate. His honesty. His kindheartedness. His anger. His kisses. His touches. His sweat. His thrusts. Everything. I can go on and on but I don't wanna lose you're attention. It's just so overwhelming, in a great way. I don't know what to do with myself.

Laugh. Cry. Shout. Giggle. Pout. Run.

I don't recall ever feeling this way. I wanna be around him when I love him and I wanna be around him even MORE when I hate him. I'm weird like that.
I can't remember the last time I got butterflies in my stomach ... Oh wait. Yeah I can, it was the other night when I saw him...lol

He's my lover, my friend, my confidante ... I wouldn't have it any other way.

Unless of course ... he does some eff'd up ni**a shit.. then I'd be forced to strike a match on that ass.

Crazy bitch?! Call it what you want.


Ok, so I haven't had a good read since I finished all of Dan Brown's books [ummm ... Dan Brown, where are you?].

But since my co-workers, select friends and advertisements have all praised the Twilight Saga series [I'm pretty sure you've read it too - I'm just late], I think this will be my next book.

amazon.com here I come ...

10 November 2008

cmxiv [euphoria]

She had seen him a few times in passing, but they didn’t exchange words right away. She was very picturesque and he was quite dapper himself. When they finally spoke, it was pure bliss. MJB quotes "Chemistry was crazy from the get-go, neither one of us knew why". This is exactly what she had felt. Instantaneously, they clicked.

Chapter 5:
For her, this had to have been thee best by far. Maybe it’s because they shared such a common interest in one another that made her profess this experience as "euphoric". Maybe she was falling in love. It was early in the morning, about 2:30 a.m. and she described it as splendid, dreamy, phenomenal and enrapturing. She was taken to another world and placed in a totally different state of mind. She immediately had an overwhelming feeling, maybe like a bond, maybe not, altogether she just knew it was a weird feeling. All of a sudden, everything was moving so slow - EVERYTHING. From the light kisses on her forehead down to her lips, neck, breasts, in between her thighs and throughout her entire body, her caressing and welcoming his manhood to make sure he was pleased, their bodies moving simultaneously, the strong thrusting in and out - it was ultimate ecstasy. She described her state of mind as if she were the Twilight Zone....except this wasn’t a fantasy nor nightmare, it was a divine reality.

Chapter 6:
A deep slow seductive breath releases between her wet moist lips. Her eyes are closed, yet you can still see them rolling back in the back of her head, her body tenses as her head rolls clockwise and anti clockwise as she feels the warm wet hard comforts of his lips, tongue and manhood. She thinks to herself, is this De Ja Vu? This Euphoric feeling has remarkable similarities to a previous moment in her life. "Ohhh my gooosh, what's going on here!?" It feels familiar as it does right, but there is something different, there is more, it is more encompassing. The hands are a little stronger, the angles are a little sharper, the touches are a bit more intense, the thrusts are a little deeeper and this night seems sooo much longer. A question resonates in her mind. "Ohhh my, do I open my eyes? If I do will this be a reality or is this a dream that I don't want to end?!" She bites the bottom of her lip forcing her eyes to look down and she says ...
"Ohhhh My Gosh, YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!"

To Be Continued.

just one of those days ...

No, it's not raining nor is it gloomy out. It's actually pretty sunny, chilly, but sunny... can't a girl just have one of those days!? I wish I was in my bed right now ...

Hope everyone had a great weekend ... I did.

bgb [black girl basics]

Came accross some interesting stuff and added my own twist ... sit back and

1. “Let your actions plead your case and carry your weight.”
Sometimes it’s just best to STFU, show and prove. I learned this the hard way.

2. “As hard as it may be, try to remain open in spite of.”
Being held captive by your past means that the very person(s) associated with it still have control over your life.

3. “Stay Fresh.”
This self explanatory. In the words of Malcolm X ... by any means necessary.

4. “Play your position and don’t try to assume another one.”
It’s your position for a reason. Be the best at your own game and the endorsements, trades and groupies will come on their own.

5. “Relax and take notes.”
Despite what you think you know, everyone you come in contact with has something to teach you.

6. “Dramatic behavior is never cute so don’t do it.”
Regardless of all of the good things you’ve done, that one bitch ass moment is what people will remember and hold on to, forever making you look like an ass.

7. “Feel and feel often.”
Empathy is different than sympathy and is 100 times harder to do but I promise, it’ll make you a better person and the people around you will truly love you for it.”

8. “Happiness is a habit. Acquire it.”

9. “Talk to yourself everyday.”
Forget what they say, sometimes you have to tell yourself the things you need to hear and not wait for anyone else to do it for you. Everyone needs life spoken into them. If you’re not hearing it, tell your damn self. I do this all the time. It's much needed ... keeps me sane.

10. “It’s ok to turn off your cell phone if it means being readily available to yourself.”
I have this problem. I'm sure damn near everyone does. Not to mention, I am a Blackberry aka Crackberry owner so I'm on it 24/7. Turning it off, even just for a little while, would give me some much needed me time ...

11. “Stop fucking around and work your plan. Tomorrow never comes.”
Nuff said.

12. “Step Your iPod Game Up.”
haha... :)

13. “Find a reason to crack the hell up every single day.”
Even if it means blind tripping your co-worker or chopping it up with your funniest friend…laugh and go HARD with it.

14. “Cherish your friends and invest in them wholeheartedly.”
We all know that people come and go, but true friends stay around forever. Anything that’s forever is worth the investment of yourself.

15. “Stay ready.”
Lack of preparation dumps any chance for opportunity.

16. “A strong body is a strong mind, just as a strong mind is a strong body.”
Having both is so damn sexy!

17. “If it doesn’t make sense, walk.”
Your intuition is just that. Sometimes it’s not meant for us to haggle our brains to figure stuff out. Fuck it! Keep your stride.

18. “Lip gloss and a cocktail dress can make all the difference.”
This speaks volumes ...

19. “Look people in the eyes and genuinely smile when you see them.”
Whether they let you know or not, it totally makes their day.

Last but not least ... this is something I learned from a very, very, VERY important person in my life and it has helped me in several different ways:
20. "Pick your battles so you can win the war. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice your rook or your pawn to save your King or your Queen"
I'll let you guys take this how you want it.

07 November 2008

tgif ... and more.

I gave you guys some early drinks yesterday ... but that wasn't really genuine, it was just to butter you up and I guess make-up for me being MIA for so long [hey at least i'm being honest, right?].

So happy friday people!

Please drink responsibly ... lol.

*sidebar* I'm in dire need of another vacation...I'm dying to come here again !

name this place!

*double sidebar* [did i really just say that? wack] - look out for - oh forget it... just look out for some major ME time on this blog. i've come to realize i need to stop making things about others and start focusing on me...

wait! how'd you know? I didn't think I was that predictable...

maybe i'll post some interesting stuff tonight ... who knows.

ciao ... for now.

1st Lady Fever ...

Here's one you might love or loathe ...

While everyone's busy boasting about our new "black" President [who I think I might have a secret crush on, lol], I'll be talking about my number one love ... oh nooo .. not 'him" -- Fashion.

In my opinion, our future 1st lady is definitely on the posh side of things [and not only because she's a JCrew fanatic]. I have friends who disagree greatly. There was only one other lady I know who was this fly ... Jackie O. As we all know, Michelle O has been recently compared to Jackie O because of her sense of style. Are these fashion editors overdoing it?

Fashionista's, diva's, hater's or whatever you wanna call yourself, feel free to concur or disagree with me ... please!

Ohhh ... if anyone wants the JCrew look that adorned Michelle O on the Tonight Show .. here's the link -

Here's some more pics of the hottest 1st ladies ever ... enjoy.

I'm lovin this Thakoon dress below btw ... [she wore it at the DNC]

CONGRATS TO PRESIDENT ELECT BARACK OBAMA ... can't wait to have the country in your powerful hands.

06 November 2008

Oh ... There She Is.

Ok, people ... I'm back. What? Huh? Ohhhhhh ... yeah, I did ... I had to take it. It was much needed.

Sometimes you just gotta take a break from your daily hustles, right? So yeah! That's what I did. As much as I love to write, I took a break from blogging. But now I'm here. Unlike last time, I'm not making any promises [because I hate breaking them], so I'm just gonna do my best to keep you entertained. It may not be daily and it may not be as often as before ... [hello... I do have a life!] but I'll give you guys enough to keep you right where I need you ... HERE....lol.

Ok so, this is somewhat of a transitional posting. I'm gonna be switching up the content of this blog just a bit. I even changed the blogspot address [see address bar above]. It's more personal and the fact that barely anyone knows what it means makes it that much more meaningful to me.

I'll be writing about whatever interests me but some [only some] of my postings will be a bit more on a personal level [don't get too excited - gotta leave something to the imagination, right!? ]. But trust me, you'll see where it differs. You might not agree with everything I say or you might know exactly what I'm talking about, either way --
hate it or love it ... you'll hear it.

Suggestions? Leave a comment.

Ok.. I know it's not Friday yet, but here's some drinks from me to you ... enjoy