08 December 2008

barack loves his BB too.

Speaking of Blackberry ... It seems as if our President loves his Blackberry too ... :-D [can blogger hurry and get actual smiley faces like wordpress? argh..] but unfortunately, he may have to give it up effective January 20th, 2009, According to the NY Times.

The article is very interesting, as is everything else relating to Obama. He's been speaking a lot about his transition on 60 Minutes. Obviously, many things about his lifetsyle will have to change. Some of the things he mentioned were not being able to go to the barbershop to get a cut anymore and having his barber come to him instead. He also said he's gonna miss being able to take walks just for the hell of it .. awww..

However, some things he still wants to do involves Sasha and Malia of course - like making them breakfast in the morning and taking them to school [with security I'm sure].

Here are some more flicks of him on his BB.


Brothers Blog said...

I heard about this story. I'm sure they got some even better technology in that white house than the black berry. They just gone be all up in his biz when he uses it. lol.

Anonymous said...

aHAHAHAH! Go head prez!!!:)