07 August 2009

free will.

free and independent choice; voluntary decision.

in a nutshell.

some people argued for ages that free will is non-existent, while others beg to differ. personally, i thought it existed at one point. i did. i was one of those who felt i had free will to do what i wanted, when i wanted. but in light of some recent actions, i've come to realize that something else is controlling my actions. but what ? i want to know what's making me do the diminutive things i say i will no longer do. or i will try to do less of. or change. why isn't it working?

free will. does it really exist ?

and if it does, is it possible that it only exists in certain areas of your life and is absent in others ?


art evolves, so does life. art is never stagnant, neither is life.

some people are innate risk takers. while others choose to play it safe. i can admit that playing it safe gives me a sense of security, but risk-taking can be effective, especially if it's a life-changing risk. how would you know if it's life changing ? you won't. that's why you take the risk. risk-taking allows room for growth, in my opinion. i've been doing certain things differently and that has allowed me to realize that i'm a work in progress. and i'm okay with that. whether it be in my career, family, friendships or relationship, i'm constantly changing and growing and risk-taking has helped that process inimitably.

works in progress are never perfect, but changes can be made to the rewrites during rough drafts.

take risks.

03 August 2009


flying kites. playing frisbee. building sandcastles. sand pictures. drinking in the sun.

perfect beach day.

heart in sand drawn by my daughter.

less is more.

i'm embarking on something new.

i'm willing to try this out for as long as i can and see where it takes me.

about a week ago, i took my daughter bike riding in prospect park. we laughed. we fell. she cried. ate italian icees. rode on the carousel. fed birds. hung out near the dog beach. it was great. i've been embracing life's simple abundances a lot more lately.

joyful simplicities go a long way.

usher in vegas.

the magazine.

although i said i was changing the direction of my blog, making it less about what it was and more about my simple abundances, i felt compelled to post this.

almost impeccable.

since nothing is 100% flawless.