07 March 2008

NYPD.... Trigger-Happy?

I seen this on the news a few nights ago and thought it was very interesting. A museum in Fort Greene, Brooklyn has an exhibit in which police abuse victims are depicted as shooting targets with the items in their hands. Of course, you know the NYPD is ENRAGED and feels this is very anti-cop-ish while several other people are supporting this exhibit.

Dread Scott's Interpretation of his work:
The Blue Wall of Violence is an installation that addresses police brutality. It focuses on the object which the police "mistook" for a dangerous weapon when they shot an unarmed person. The project consists of several elements: On the wall are six actual FBI silhouette targets which police use for shooting practice. Protruding from each of these is a cast of an arm. In each hand is an object - wallet, house keys, 3 Musketeers bar, squeegee, etc. In front of this is a coffin and in front of the coffin are three police batons which each strike it every 10 seconds with a loud penetrating bang.

It looks something like this:

So what is it ? Cop bashing or freedom of speech? Speak!

It's the Roc !

As you probably already know, Sean Bell's wife, Nicole Paultre-Bell is featured in a Roc-A-Wear ad which is part of a campaign appropriately titled " I Will Not Lose". Now, some people feel this is a planned publicity stunt to influence the jury, since the trial started on 02.25.08. However, Chief Marketing Officer for Roc-A-Wear, Jameel Spencer, argues that these ads are simply showing how people can overcome adversity.

Personally, I agree with the idea of the whole campaign. It's a mixture of everything to me. These ads keep the Bell family in the public eye. We all know the saying - 'outta sight outta mind'. We don't want that happening in this situation. Next, we all know Nicole Bell got paid for these ads, and I'm positive she will put the money to good use. Last, like CMO of Roc-A-Wear stated, she is overcoming adversity and the ads really show do emotion.

I'm hoping Roc-A-Wear has done this for its societal effects and not just to improve revenues or awareness of the brand... I'll go with the former.. since Jay-Z is a super philanthropist...not to mention I love the man.. he could do no harm in my eyes (lol).

What do you think 'bout this one ?