24 December 2008

rainy days.

Feeling refreshed
I'm getting ready to head out the office now which by the way turned into a Day Camp for the day, as everyone bought their kids in, which is what usually happens on these holidays and short work days. I don't even know who's cubicle my kid is in this very minute, I just know she's excited as hell to still be getting gifts from my co-workers.

The weather is so sluggish today ... makes me want to climb into my bed right now and uhh.... pillow talk... yeah. But I have a hair appointment to get to, so that will just have to wait. The rain will still be around.

I don't have much plans this Christmas. I'll be at midnight Mass till about 1:30am and when I get home the kids [my daughter and little twin brothers] will probably tear through the gifts under my tree.

Anyone else have any special holiday plans? BCU, I know you're going away, and your birthday is coming up so... Happy Early Birthday :). Enjoy your trip!


Anonymous said...

Sorry bout the rain!!!:)

But Merry Xmas!!!:)

Anonymous said...

heading south as we speak. hope you get all you wished for this christmas.


Peggy M. said...

Thanks Reggie ... Merry Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas pegz... love ya

Kofi Bofah said...

What city are you in?

At least it is not snowing.

The cold was murder up here in CHI-town back then.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Thanks pretty girl for the shout out *smile*

Peggy M. said...

Kofi - I'm in NY!

BCU - No problem girlie. Glad you had fun.