12 December 2008

dead girl.

So, last night was theee perfect night for in-house movies [for my blog associates who aren't in NY, it was raining all damn day and night] ... and that's exactly what I did. I watched The Dead Girl on ... shoot, I forgot which channel, then late night I watched Blood Diamond on demand.

I liked The Dead Girl ... I'm into movies like that. Although I work in the Insurance industry, I did major in Forensic Psych, so movies that may gross some people out ... I can watch while I eat.

Has anyone ever seen it? It was my first time, and I must admit I'm one of those who asks questions [not too much] ... throughout a movie, because most of the time, things fly over my head.

When the movie ended, I thought I missed a part, so I rewinded [lovin' my DVR], then realized I didn't miss anything. That last scene threw me off. I think I get what happened, but sometimes the obvious isn't always right. Can someone explain? The guy who was supposed to take her Norwalk to see her daughter, is he the one who killed her? I'm guessing she never made it...

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