26 September 2007

09.30.07 - Breast Cancer Awareness Event!

As you all know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). NBCAM is dedicated to increasing awareness of breast cancer issues, with an emphasis on the importance of early detection, which is critical. It works through a nationwide education campaign targeted to the general public, state and federal governments, health care professionals, employers, and women of all ages and ethnic groups.

Spread the word on breast cancer awareness to help put an end to this disease. I'm sure everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer.

VI Degrees of Separation will like to offer support to our mothers, sisters, aunts, friends and anyone who has been affected directly or indirectly by breast cancer. Come and indulge in an early evening soiree with some of the NYC's most amazing residents! This is going to be an amazing event, with non stop dancing. Most importantly, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to two very important organizations:
http://walk.avonfoundation.org/ & http://www.sistersnetwork.org/.

Retreat (
37 West 17th Street (between 5th & 6th)
New York, NY 10011

Time: 8pm - 2am

Dress Code: Semi-Formal Pink & Black (No Denim)

Donation: At the Door

For additional information regarding this event, feel free to contact:
Vegas International

Come & party with us for a good cause !

15 September 2007

Jena 6 Update

I'm sure several of you are familiar with the case of 16 year old Mychal Bell. If not, here's a link to familarize yourself with the situation: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20218937/site/newsweek/page/0/. Jena 6 is a great example of the injustices our world faces. It's sad (for lack of better term) that situations as such are not as televised as Brittney Spears' lack of responsiblity or Mike Vick's dogfighting. However, it seems as if there has been some sort of justice served.

According to washingtonpost.com, a Louisiana appeals court yesterday overturned the aggravated-battery conviction of Mychal Bell. The states 3rd Circuit Court ruled that Mychal should have never been tried as an adult by District Attorney J. Reed Walters, and that the trial judge was inaccurate in allowing Bell to be tried as an adult on charges of aggravated second-degree battery. Under Louisiana law, teenagers can be tried as adults for certain violent crimes but not battery, something I do recall from my years at John Jay College. I wonder if he will be compensated for the year he erroneously served in prison? What do you guys think ?

12 September 2007

Downtown Manhattan Revitalization!!

Au Revoir.........Summer!

Isn't it coincidental how it usually gets a bit cooler as soon as the Labor Day Parade has concluded? Although summer isn't officially over until September 22nd, it's time to start wrapping up those summer activities. No more trips to the beach, no more barbeques. Before we resign ourselves to staying indoors because of the snow and cold, we have the entire fall season to enjoy, and there are plenty of things happening this fall to keep us busy. Since I work downtown Manhattan, I'm aware of several "downtown happenings", as we Financial District workers call it.
However, I'm not going to focus just on upcoming events happening downtown, but also on a few new places and activities that are available year-round.

ATTENTION SHOPPERS, listen up. As part of the revitalization of lower Manhattan, more stores are moving in. Some luxury stores have recently opened including the following: Hermes at 15 Broad Street, Tiffany & Co. on Wall Street (set to open in October), and Thomas Pink at 63 Wall Street. Also, for those who live downtown and fret over the lack of a convenient grocery store, word on the street is that a Whole Foods store will be opening on Warren Street early next year.

As most of you know, there are also quite a few interesting museums and exhibits in downtown Manhattan. The very popular Bodies, The Exhibition at the South Street Seaport is a great one to attend. It is a bit on the pricey side, with a general admission ticket running at $26.50 on a weekday or $27.50 for a weekend/holiday, but I think it is well worth it. This exhibition gives the unique opportunity to see the inner workings of our bodies. Pretty cool!

While the events at the Seaport have slowed down, The World Financial Center has a whole calendar of events planned for this fall taking place at the Winter Garden. On Wednesday October 10th from 5-9pm, there is The Thelonious Monk 90th Birthday Piano Marathon. Thelonious Monk was a
jazz pianist and composer and is credited as one of the founders of bebop. For this event, master pianists will pay tribute to Monk. Then, in celebration of India’s autumnal festivities including Diwali (also called the “festival of lights”), on Thursday, October 25th at 12:30 and 7pm, Surati for Performing Arts will present a showcase of drama, music and dance that will offer a glimpse into the historical background of these festivals and insight into the cultural heritage of India.

Also at the Winter Garden, is the Great Pumpkin Party on Saturday, October 27th from 12-4pm. This is sure to be a great day for the family so bring your kids and put on your favorite costume for this fun-filled day of trick-or-treating, pumpkin decorating, and face painting. Then on Friday, November 16th from 11am-2:30pm, there will be a tasting festival in which the World Financial Center’s restaurants will offer up samples of their signature menu items for $1-5.

There are also a few street fairs coming up including the Columbus Day Festival on Monday, October 8th on Water Street from Fulton Street to Broad Street. And on Friday, October 19th the Financial Community Day Festival Series will take place on Maiden Lane between Water and South Streets.

Before winter settles in, make sure you take the time to enjoy some of these great activities while aiding in the revitalization of Lower Manhattan!

07 September 2007

Aesthetically Pleasing!

After leaving this Diet Pepsi event at Nort on Thursday, Sept 6th, my friends (in the picture to the left with me - Rondell of DappaDonz Prod & GC of The OBM Group) wanted to go to 230 Fifth, a spot they usually visit when wanting to chill, have some drinks, and some pretty decent food. Besides, they were having a Fashion Week event, as were several other spots. On the other hand, I was a 230 Fifth virgin, so I was a bit hesitant and really wanted to go home. However, after a little convincing (yeah it doesn't take much with me), I opted to go. I'm ecstatic that I made that choice. I can reasonably say that this place, which I'm sure several have visited already, is the epitome of alluring! Did I mention the view of the skyline? Simply marvelous. It totally gets my urbane approval stamp! I should start doing that now....hmmm...something to ponder.

Here's a little about this oh so aesthetic venue:
230 Fifth, located on 5th Avenue in the city, opened it doors in May of '06 and is open all year round from 4pm to 4am. Created by the former owner of the infamous Roxy and Palladium nightclubs, 230 Fifth has the largest outdoor Rooftop Garden and Penthouse Lounge in NYC!

I must say after leaving, I am definitely going to visit the luxurious 230 Fifth again and encourage those who haven't been there to give it a try! For more, visit
http://www.230-fifth.com/. Here are some pics of the outdoor Rooftop and Penthouse Lounge below. Enjoy!

05 September 2007

Introducing Lydia Caesar....

I'm not the only person who had goosebumps simply hearing Lydia Caesar's soulful voice over a live band. Anyone who was at the Triad Theatre on Saturday night can attest to that. Her stage presence is similar to that of Fantasia's while singing "I Believe", the award-winning song that made her America's Idol or Mary J Blige singing one of her many hits. Not only is the 24 year-old Ms. Caesar beautiful and talented, she also has an impressive personality and a sense of humor to tag along with it. Yeah, she's funny as hell. Heard in between her performances are little jokes that has the crowd erupt in laughter. I had the pleasure to sit with Lydia after her showcase and got to know her a little better. I must say, speaking to her made me appreciate her and work much more than I already did. Aside from all that, as if it isn't enough, Lydia is a student at Hofstra University persuing her BA in Theatre, an aspiring actress, a designer (CaesarWest Designs - a line of denim handmade earrings), and a mother to her 3 year-old daughter. Lydia's strong personality tells me that she has the ability to survive in an unpredictable entertainment industry. Look out for the full article on Lydia Caesar coming soon in The Feature Magazine. For more about her visit www.myspace.com/lydiacaesar.

01 September 2007

Mrs. Punk Rock Herself...

I know I said I wouldn't go Kelis crazy, but I don't think I am (of course I wouldn't think so). I'm just merely providing you all with updates to keep you informed on Mrs. Jones and her world. Afterall, she is a total fashion icon, she is the cream of the crop, she is unmatched and she is urbane. Bottom line, Kelis is dope & I love her!
She recently had a photoshoot with Henry Leutwyler, Swiss born award winning photographer. My fave is the one to the left. Check out some more of her shots, below. For more, visit

Also, here are some Flaunt and Spin Magazine outtakes......enjoy!