23 December 2008

apartment therapy.

I'd love to have a decor similar to this in my living room but realistically, it won't work.
Sometimes it pays to not have any young ones ....lol.

Although I absolutely adore the black, white [and blue] scheme I seen at IKEA this weekend, [hmmm , good bathroom idea], I've had to resort to darker earth toned colors in my living room [i.e my couch and throw blanket], that can easily conceal typical 5 year old accidents. However, I am satisfied with the contrast of colors I've used in my living room [like my accent wall - Benjamin Moore's electric orange - see example of color below]. I'm not scared of trying bold colors especially when it comes to paints because I loathe monotonous looks.

A black and white room could be very therapeutic though. Maybe I'll make my dream come true when I own a house. I'll have one room that's fresh and tranquil with black and white decor. It'll be my Relax - Relate - Release room.


Adina said...

Soooooo can I hire you to assist in the remake of my home?? LOL, LOL...I'm really feeling that orange but you know how much I LOVE bright ass colors :)Just make sure your ready when I need ya, LOL

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I love doing home decor. Nothing makes you feel better and new like a "new" room. I just purchased a new bed, and I'm so excited because I have everything ready to decorate my new room...I'm just waiting for my bed to arrive :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!:)

"...Let's have a very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Give with love and joy and happiness
And lots of good cheer..."

Merry Christmas from Reggie: The fuckery king!!!:)

The FEATURE™ said...

Uhmm...Pegs, you're taste in things is phenomenal. I'm going to fly you down so you can decorate my new spot. It's gotta be like sexy and chic and classic. I don't want stuff that will be dated after a year. Let's GO!!!

Kofi Bofah said...

I think that top room needs a splash of color though.