17 November 2008

random thoughts

I woke up this morning with the urge to stay in my bed and under his arm for just 30 more minutes. I know 30 minutes is really nothing, but on a Monday morning, after a weekend of much relaxation, just a half hour more definitely means something, to me at least.

I'm mentally and physically not ready for this cold air that hit me as soon as I walked out my building. I get on the train anticipating to be off in 20-25 minutes. But no, not this morning. I mean it is Monday, what should I have expected, right? Today, my usually quick 6-stop ride to work seemed never-ending. Lucky for me, I got a seat, relaxed and did what I typically do on train rides [if I'm not reading or listening to my not so updated iPod - shame on me] - think about random shit and write. Today's train ride bought about thoughts of walking forward [which I'll talk about a little later on - I'm still on my venting shit right now].

Now I'm in the office and already on my second cup of coffee, knocking out the mile high list of things to do that never seems to shrink to barely nothing [maybe if I weren't blogging it would shrink, right? NOT]. Quite the contrary it’s always something! Then that list becomes a separate list so I can keep up with the first list and the two others that I had to make in order to categorize everything for all of my lists! I promise this is how my mind works on most days and it's nerve racking.

I believe I always have great ideas because I’m a thinker but I think if I were more consistent in my day to day work I know I could step my game up even higher. Really, day-to-day life if you want the whole truth. There’s so much power in consistency and repetition when applied properly and I’m sure I could get a lot done a lot faster with that in mind. I have natural distractions and interuptions -- people, visits, phonecalls, my Blackberry, the radio -- but sometimes I ask myself if I'm guilty of distracting myself. I absolutely despise those ‘I need this policy and I need it yesterday’ emails - Brokers seem to have little to no patience, but I can't really knock 'em, as I have little patience myself at times. Just getting to the nitty gritty and blocking things out is something I have a hard time doing because I want to be so efficient - I know it sounds weird, but it makes sense to me. And for me, sometimes multi-tasking isn’t the best route. Which is better: Doing a bunch of things good or doing one or two things exceptionally great? It’s obvious I need to pick, choose and deliver to the best of my ability.

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