20 November 2008

ummmm ... ok complex.

This should be interesting ... I wonder how many men are really gonna run out and cop this issue.

No, not because of Jim Jones [totally love his voice ... *sigh*], but because of that little article in the upper left corner.... smh!

I mean how accurate is this? Who's writing this? What makes him good enough to write an article on how to do this the right way? Can you sue this person if you do get caught cheating? LOL!

Maybe I'll run to a newstand and take a sneak peak at these tips... I'm really curious in what this dude has to say!


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

You know, I never noticed that was there...what?!

I think Essence should do an article about how to do the Lorena Bobbit and how to get away with it!!

PM said...

LOL...for real!

Vegas International said...

Its very easy to cheat on your girl / boyfriend. The reason women do it better than men is because they pay more attention to detail. Details are the reason men or women get caught. When you are sloppy usually the other person is attentive or just lucky. Train yourself to be careful.

Most niggas get caught not only because they are not careful, but because they no longer care or really are not doing anything or think what they are doing is wrong so they dont hide it. Hence why people get tired of the questions and naggin on both ends!

CUTE. Kudos. I will get the issue though, i need that jacket, Its Hella Dope, is that a patch on the elbow?? NICE!

Vegas International said...

B.C.U!!! IM APPALLED!! lol

are you condoning dismemberment? So we should cut off yall clit if yall cheat? Is that what it is?? If we going tit for tat, let me know. lol

Violence begets Violence. :)

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Vegas International,

All I'm saying is, don't cheat and expect things to go smoothly, then blast it in a magazine...bustin' windows isn't the only thing we will do.

PM said...

WORD SON! hahahahaaa

(i don't usually speak like this but your above comment needed this follow up!)