07 November 2008

1st Lady Fever ...

Here's one you might love or loathe ...

While everyone's busy boasting about our new "black" President [who I think I might have a secret crush on, lol], I'll be talking about my number one love ... oh nooo .. not 'him" -- Fashion.

In my opinion, our future 1st lady is definitely on the posh side of things [and not only because she's a JCrew fanatic]. I have friends who disagree greatly. There was only one other lady I know who was this fly ... Jackie O. As we all know, Michelle O has been recently compared to Jackie O because of her sense of style. Are these fashion editors overdoing it?

Fashionista's, diva's, hater's or whatever you wanna call yourself, feel free to concur or disagree with me ... please!

Ohhh ... if anyone wants the JCrew look that adorned Michelle O on the Tonight Show .. here's the link -

Here's some more pics of the hottest 1st ladies ever ... enjoy.

I'm lovin this Thakoon dress below btw ... [she wore it at the DNC]

CONGRATS TO PRESIDENT ELECT BARACK OBAMA ... can't wait to have the country in your powerful hands.

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