24 November 2008

random thoughts.

  • Annoyance. Please tell me who was the super-size idiot that created the robot phone operator? This has got to be the most annoying invention of mankind. You call your cellphone company & the first 17 minutes is spent yelling into the phone & you haven’t even reached a rep yet. Why am I fighting with a prerecorded voice? You are literally arguing with a machine that you said BILLING and not SALES. No matter how many times I say “operator”, the stupid bitch keep saying “Okay, before I connect you, please tell me what the problem is?”. The problem is YOU, WTF! I always end up yelling “REPRESENTATIVE!” or vigorously pressing “0″ so I can get a live Rep. When will these companies realize it’s much more annoying and time consuming than keying in the options through your phone?

  • Redundancy. Why send me a message on Myspace, asking me the same questions I’ve answered all over my page? You send a friend request, I accept you, then you go back to my page, just to send me a message to ask “Where are you from?” or “How old are you?”. That tells me that all you did was look at my pictures.

  • Speaking of Myspace, if you don’t have an actual contract, you’re not a model or a recording artist. Please spare me.

  • When did not being a gentleman became cool? [please click here for my posting on Chivalry]

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Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I hate the robot phone...better yet, I hate when you call and speak to someone in India.