03 February 2009

the big 25...

... is exactly a month away from today and my plans have not yet been finalized.

I mean it won't fluctuate by much. I have two major ideas in mind and activities already set for each ... only difference is that I will either be in NYC or on the West Coast vacaying with my "friend". If I do go on a mini vacation, I will still set up weekend activities in NYC so I can celebrate with my friends and do all that I have in mind. I plan to stay in a hotel that entire weekend with or without visitors -- only constant visitor will be Sir Grand Marnier ... ha.

Eh, either way, I'll have fun.

Gotta make a decision asap.

Countdown has officially begun ... yes, a month away.


Philly's Andrea said...

awwww....my first time here but i recently celebrated my 25th which was awsome!!! I must say half of 50 or quater life-whatever you like to call it, is GREAT. Whatever you decided to do just HAVE FUN & lots of it.


Anonymous said...

Yay! How exciting!
I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I've been counting down to my 35th (which is 3/22) since like, 5 months ago. Lol...bad.
Hope you have a great birthday, whatever you decide to do.

TaMina said...

Im there!! woohoo!

Cee Em Jay said...

Why is it that I keep thinking ur like soooo much older than me whn we're the same age? WTF