24 February 2009

sorry stress: access denied.

So, I woke up rather lackluster this morning. Not sure why since I had somewhat of a great day off from work yesterday and got to end my night restfully. Brain overload? Maybe. After all, I do have a mile high list of things at work to be done (as always), a couple overdue articles to write, mother-daughter activities to plan, phone calls to make just to say “hey”, and birthday plans to finalize, amongst other things. Sometimes there's just not enough time in the day. My mind is constantly running but lately, I noticed I’ve been initiating long-winded incoherent talks about nothing in particular, leaving his only response to be “huh?”.


Anyhow, during lunch, I decided to get a last minute manicure. I fell asleep and by the time I woke up, my nails were done and dry. I don’t know how that happened, but it did. Manicures don’t take long, but I sure as hell felt like I was sleeping forever. When that finished, I decided that I needed a massage. I looked at clock and thought against it for a second, but f-it. I didn’t care that it was 11 past 2 and my lunch should’ve been over, since I headed out earlier than normal to run a few errands. I needed it. There was so much tension in my back, the massage was almost uncomfortable – well the first half at least. She loosened me up and then tranquility kicked in. I feel great and so stress relieved. Didn't think that could happen in a mere 12 minutes. On the other hand, I feel like I cheated because I will be doing the spa/sauna thing next Tuesday on my birthday as well. Only difference is, it’ll be a full treatment and way longer than 12 minutes. =)

P. S. I totally fell in love with this new shade by O.P.I. I used today. Spring on my mind already.
I’m so over this winter shit.


The Anti-Pop said...

i looove when stuff like this happens. sometimes all you need is that perfect pick me up. and don't feel like you cheated - double pampering is always nice. embrace your inner goddess :)

Naomie said...

that shade is cute!! love purple

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I'm sooooo loving the title of the post...BTW, I'm so over the winter stuff myself...I'm ready to bring out my cookout shorts!!!