18 February 2009

e-HUG mag.

about ehugmag.com: an e-community of strong beautiful women of all races colors and creeds who will provide a myriad of information from Fashion / Beauty / Relationship Advice to Entertainment News and Current Events.

A friend of mine, Empress, came up with this great concept for a women's online magazine. The blog is fairly new, so you will only see a few posts. However, we have tons of content already written - just waiting to post. We are also still deciding if we want to stay with TypePad or move over to the WordPress platform. Decisions, decisions. An actual interactive website is also in the works of being created since we own the domain.

But for now, check us out at
http://ehugmag.typepad.com/ehugmag/. Be sure to click on the different categories on the left side of the page to view the posts we have up so far.


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I just wanted to say that the e-mag is fab!!!!

Adina said...

I agree with BCU!! 09 definitely seems as the year for women taking charge of everrrrything they've ever dreamed of!! Keep up the GREAT work ladies :)

Rosie B. said...

This is awesome! I'm definitely feeling the movement ladies! Adina, I agree- all the women I know are making positive moves!.. and its only February...I love it!