02 February 2009

angels and demons.

If anyone knows me well, they know that I am a huge fan of Dan Brown's novels. I've read every one of his books. The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons, Deception Point and Digital Fortress. I read Angels & Demons twice. You'd think as good as an author as he is, he'd have more books out by now. But then again, his novels display creativity like no other, so he probably needs much time to put together such intricate plots.

Although most of his books gets labeled as anti-Christ like - especially The DaVinci Code - I am still hooked to each and every one. When I read them I don't see anti-Christ. I see: Thriller. Controversy. Hope. Confusion. Anger. Faith. Distrust. Love. And I enjoy every bit of it.

Anywho, Angels & Demons is set to hit movie theaters on May 15. I am super excited about it, but I was just as excited for The DaVinci Code and when that hit theaters, I was disappointed. The book was much better... as usual. Hopefully I am not let down again.

I did read somewhere that he has a new book in progress, The Solomon Key, which will take place in Washington, DC, and will be mainly about the Freemasons. Interesting.

Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Also I huge fan.....:O)

Brothers Blog said...

Not a big reader. But I always hear the book is better than the movie.

That book about the freemasons sounds interesting though. I was always curious about their organization.