07 August 2009

free will.

free and independent choice; voluntary decision.

in a nutshell.

some people argued for ages that free will is non-existent, while others beg to differ. personally, i thought it existed at one point. i did. i was one of those who felt i had free will to do what i wanted, when i wanted. but in light of some recent actions, i've come to realize that something else is controlling my actions. but what ? i want to know what's making me do the diminutive things i say i will no longer do. or i will try to do less of. or change. why isn't it working?

free will. does it really exist ?

and if it does, is it possible that it only exists in certain areas of your life and is absent in others ?


flix said...

The only thing we really have is free will. The will to think and do as we please. The fact is that, that will is governed by experiences, preferences and moral values. That is our gift from God or whomever you believe. The consequences of those choices and the thought and expectations of those consequences heavily influence our free will. Integrity is what is lacking now-a-days. The ability to maintain your moral values in the face of adversity. What is the sense of having or excersising free will with no integrity? Once you have to excersise free will with integrity you stand a true test. I think you are doing pretty frikkin well though lol.

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Nadege said...

Free will is also controlled by fear and motivation. You have the will to change whatever it is that you want to; your actions, your situation etc. But are u afraid of the outcome or consequences that change will bring about? You don't know what the outcome will be. You rather remain in the comfort of the "known" than slip into the unknown. Why would you be motivated to exercise free will if you don't know whether your actions will affect your life positively or negatively? So you continue to live the same way even though you might want to change some things about your life. You might not like some of the things that you do but at least you know what the consequences of your actions are because you have dealt with them before. I believe that free will exist in every situation. It is a wonderful gift that allows us to succeed and fail so that we may learn and progress