13 January 2009


- Yesterday was my little twins brothers birthdays... They turned 14... It seemed like just the other day I was holding their 1 & 2 pound preemie bodies in the palms of my hands at the hospital... Now they're 6'1...ha. (See boys, I kept my promise and I didn't forget you ... BKC and all ... love ya'll)

- I've been asked to interview someone for this music publication my friend owns ... I can't disclose who yet, but I'm a little excited about it. As soon as that issue goes to print, I'll post a little bit of the interview on P I E C E S.

- I've also been given a new project... Well I was given this project already, but there was a hold up, as with most things. Anyhow, I'll shortly be editing a children's book.....oooow...

- I've been mentally preparing for this position at my company I'm trying to get...mental preparation is a must.

- New layout on RTRW coming this week...hopefully.

- I'm a little disappointed that I missed this magazine publishing networking event at FIT yesterday, but my daughter got sick and needed me. Danyel Smith (EIC of VIBE) was in attendance and I really needed to speak to her, lol. I met her at a previous magazine event and she was really cool and open to ideas. Only problem is, I didn't have a pitch back then, not to mention, I was new to the industry. I had my mind set yesterday though. There's always another time. I need to cheer up. Maybe I'll go use my JCrew and Bath & Body gift cards today during lunch. Too bad there's no Ikea over here...lol... it's a woman thing.

- On the flip side, I'm super excited that in 7 days we will begin to witness what will probably be 8 years (hopefully) of great Presidency. I wonder which Inauguration dress design Michelle Obama decided to go with... Can't wait to see.

-Obama '09 ... 1.20.09-


Rose said...

Bullet Pegs! 2009 is looking pretty good right now for you babes, your productivity has inspired me to go hard! Real talk (wink) :-) That event sounds like it was an incredibly good look, sorry you missed it maybe next time?

Nadege said...

Happy B-day Jeff and Nick you handsome young men ;)...........
Sorry you missed you event. You will always have more opportunities as long as you make yourself available but you only have one precious little daughter. She will always remember that mommy was there for her.........
I am also exited about the inauguration. I used to sit in history class when I was younger and wonder why none of these exciting things happened in my lifetime. Ever since 9/11 we have definitely witness many significant historical events both good and bad. I'm just happy I can be around and have an amazing story to tell in the future.

Jillian said...

nice lookin' list there mz. peggy!
mentally prepare and the opportunities will come :) and you'll be ready!

im looking forward to watching the inauguration too!