13 January 2009

workout partner.

I can't remember the last time I been to a gym or worked out regularly ... actually it was sophomore or junior year in John Jay (remember Dreegz?). I had my daughter in my freshman year of college so I started working out afterwards. Didn't really need to since I lost the baby weight right away, but the "idea" sounded cool so I was down. So yeah, it's been a few years. Now everyone who knows me knows my weight doesn't fluctuate by much at all. I'm typically slim ... excluding my derriere of course.

However, I'm feeling the need to start working out again. I want to go to the gym, do Pilate's, kick boxing - something! Adina and I were supposed to do Pilate's last year... that plan fell through. I'll be 25 in March and the older you get, the slower your metabolism is, then the harder it is for you to lose weight. I already started eating healthier, thanks to him, so now I just have to conquer this workout thing.

Only thing is ... I'm in dire need of a partner. It's much easier and motivating when you have someone to do this stuff with.

-scanning my phonebook-


Dreegz said...

Yeah I remember Pegs. Those were the days. Going hard in class and then going hard in the gym, we were those chicks. I wish we lived a little closer so we could continue our sessions (working the booty out on the treadmill, lifting weights and all that other good stuff).
If you're interested I will be holding workout classes Saturday and Sunday morning beginning at 8:30am sometimes 9am in my apartment. It'll be me and Gilad getting our bodies right. You don't have to do much, your body is great (so is mine), but I guess we can always make it tighter especially being that vaca is coming up.

A friend of mine is a trainer in the area so maybe I can ask him what's up.

Love ya babes.

DRStar* said...

Having a workout partner really motivates you. Recently I been working out with a friend of mine and he's a guy so he pushes me more. Girl, I feel good and you are more aware of your eating habits. Plus I see results, I gained 10 pounds like overnite and I lost 7 pounds already. So I wish you the best girl..Go for it!!

Peggy M. said...

See.. D, that's the thing, I'm not trying to lose weight.. Lord knows I can't afford to lose any lbs...lol.. I just want to tone up.

Lift weights? =/

Yeah Dreego, vaca is coming up... gotta get right.... or should I say righter, lmbo.

Tamina said...

i told ur butt crunch gym 7pm on thursdays -pilates!

Adina said...

Ok, OK, no more BS'ing....Were going hard this year!!! Ok but I really don't need a severe work out plan, LOL, LOL...Just something to work out the areas I'm not pleased with...Let's do it!!!!

Pilates sounds soooo interesting...Shall we all hit Crunch on Thursdays???

Anjl Marie said...


Jillian said...

last time i had a workout partner was when i was back in phx..it was easy bc we all worked at the gym LOL...

right now im my own partner right now lol but yes, having someone to workout with definitely pushes you a little harder

good luck! look forward to reading the progress!