11 January 2009

new toy on the block: lelo.

Yeah, I know today is the playoffs & I'm talking about Toys... so what, I'm still watching with him, just watching while I do what I love to do - WRITE.

[lelo: gigi]

Although the Lelo line isn't really that new, it is one the newest on the market of sex toys. I saw this toy back in ummm, October I believe, when I spontaneously decided to visit the toy shop just to see what was new. I saw these in the back and was so taken aback. They are so compact and sleek. As an avid toy buyer, I like to take everything about a toy into account when it comes to my review and desire of it, not just the vibration or how well it gets me off. Although vibration and orgasm intensity are both extremely important most toys can bring you to orgasm with enough time or effort.

Lelo toys come in a pretty black storage box along with a charger, a satin pouch for traveling, warranty information (yes warranty - a year to be exact), and an instruction manual. Not many toys come with an instruction manual, trust me, and if they do there’s usually not more than a page of pretty basic instructions. Manuals that come with Lelo's do not only include basic information about the pleasure object but also troubleshooting information and specifications.

Lelo has all a variety of toys all with different names - Nea, Gigi, Mia, Ella, Lili, Liv, Iris & Elise. They also have a line of beads. This is just the females stuff. And just like most products, they also have an homme and a luxe line in which toys come in steel or gold plates.

As more and more females become "one" with their bodies, sex toys are becoming a permanent fixture in several households...

My faves are Gigi, Nea & Elise... Shoot, I think I want Mia too... how discreet is a lipstick-sized vibrator...

[lelo: mia]


She's Gotta Have It said...

I like the lipstick ones you have up there. Sometimes people underestimate the power of smaller toys.

Pink said...

i want one . . . i dont even masturbate but the gadget looks sooo cute . . . a must

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I don't think I could use it because it's too pretty. I would just want to look at it.

Ana C said...

Hi Peggy,

Thank you for your wonderful post. I've reposted it on our LELO reviews page, with a link back to your post. I hope it's ok, and I hope it brings you some extra visitors. :-)

Kind regards,

Ana C / LELO

Anonymous said...

How much?!?!

*grabs credit card*

Adina said...

Ok so I checked out the site & fell in love with allll of them. However, my absolute fave is Nea in Deep Rose (an awesome color!!!)...I think I've found my Valentines gift ;)

Dreegz said...

Pegs you are a trip. LOL
Only you would blog about a toy. (I love it)
okay, now those toys look like pretty pens. I won't know whether to try and write with it or plug it up somewhere. Seriously though, I like my toys and all but the best (aside from the pipe)for me is my trusty fingers.

Damn Pegs, you have me revealing a lot on here.

Love ya babes

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