28 January 2009

wednesday night funny.

I go to my Mother's house to pick my daughter up and she has a couple urgent things to tell me. It goes something like this:

Her: Mommy, Mommy... I won the spelling bee in school today!

Me: Did you?! Yay ... I'm proud of you boobie =]

Her: Yep, I did. So Mommy, since I won the spelling bee, can I get a Hannah Montana tattoo with a guitar and words around the guitar that says Hannah Montana Rocks??? Please Mommy?

Me: :-0

She's 5. Kids say the craziest things.

That's all folks.

P.S. - Interview went well. He is super, super cool. One of my best "newbie" interviews to date, not better than Hurricane Chris though. That boy was a complete fool, but I love it when they are laid back, funny and humble. Check him out on MySpace.


Adina said...

I had the same face when I read this...These kids are way to much!!! Hananah Montana Rocks, smdhhh....I can't help but crack the hell up

Cee Em Jay said...

Tattoo?? lol Your daughter is crazy, but we already know this

Anonymous said...

lmao. that's funny. is your daughter as pretty as you?