28 January 2009

laws of attraction.

Your words or way of thinking can either work for you or against you. Words have a creative power, believe it or not. Listen to what you’re saying about yourself or your situation today, it'll determine a lot about you and what you think of yourself.

Brook had an entry on her blog relating to this topic a couple weeks ago. I agree with her perspective too. Yeah, I'm a realist when I need to be and yeah the universe talk sounds a bit crazy, especially when you're in the situation she was in (trying to get her car window fixed -- so clearly "meditating and channeling stars" would not have fixed her window, lol) but when it comes to other situations and life as a whole... the laws of attraction have lots of truth to them. You keep talking negative shit, then negative shit will continue to occur. Your thoughts dictate your life.

Think positive. Act as if you already have what it is you desire. Open your mind. I'm sure many of you have read The Secret. It's not even about that though, it's beyond that.

Ok, my metaphysics moment has concluded. Anywho, later this evening, I have an interview with this new R&B artist on Universal for this online music publication my friend runs. No, this is not "the" interview that I am excited about, that one hasn't happened yet. But this one is cool too. As long as I get to meet new people, talk to them, talk to their people (i.e. PR reps, managers, etc), and transcribe, I'm happy. Writing makes me happy. I'm not as prepared as I should be though. I have most of my questions ready, but my tape recorder went missing, and I haven't even listened to this dudes new single yet... smh. I did read his bio though, so I know enough to get me by. I'll shape up by the time I meet with him.

I'll post or link the article when it's published.



Rose said...

I concur Pegs! Even though The Secret has to be the most redundant Book I've ever read in my LIFE! You know that part in the Sex and the City movie when Samantha was trying to "fight temptation"and she's sitting on the beach attempting to read that book and throws it in the Ocean??? That's how I felt after a while LOL! I mean Damn...its like, ok we get it already!!... Positive thoughts..postive things...negative thoughts ...negative things... blah, blah, blah.. LOL

The Anti-Pop said...

thoughts are definitely things. if everyone was just a bit more conscious of their thinking, there'd be a lot more happy people walking around.

Simone Carlene said...

I need to print this out and paste it on my mirror. I hope the interview went well. "Writing makes me happy". Let's go girlie.


brook lynne carter. said...

ok thats dope that you are doing an interview, tho, congrats, dont know if its your first tho..either way its proggression.

thanks for the shout mamas, lol fyi i still havent got my window fixed, i recieved the money to fix it, but im procrastinating..lol. i know right.

Milly said...

This is so true! I use the law of attraction in my favor and it works me all the time