13 March 2009

marriott sleepover.

So, my daughter's sleepover at the Marriott begins tonight and ends on Sunday. She's so excited and has been trying to figure out what to wear for about 2 months now. She must have forgot that the decision is ultimately mine.

I won't be sleeping over with her, due to limited space and way too many kids for my liking (about 20!), but I will be checking in on her throughout the weekend and joining their many activities. This is her first sleepover and I want to make sure she's good.

Tonight will be pizza/movie night for them. Tomorrow is iHOP for breakfast, an indoor pool party, dinner and games and Sunday they check out.

Should be fun.


brook lynne carter. said...

omgosh that sounds fun.

i wanna go.

mainly for the pizza.

Ms. Naomie said...

your daughter is too cute

Pana said...

She is too cute !!

Philly's Andrea said...

such a cuttie....luv the site 1st time here.