08 January 2009

s.p.a.: sanitas per aquam..

Ever had a hot stone massage or better yet seaweed mud wrapped all over your body, head to toe?

How about a facial so euphoric, it could bring you to orgasmic sounds leaving you to forget that it is not your man (or woman) rubbing on your face, but simply a masseuse?

What about a toe curling pedicure?


I need to go back to
D'mai Urban Spa in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It's the best spa I've been to. I've become a regular there. Not to mention, it's a hop, skip and a jump away from my apartment.

Booking an appointment in 5, 4, 3, 2...


MoBetta ThanBlues said...

i can def relate wit the hot stone message, it felt so good i did acutally forget where i was at ((mind started to wonder)) but imma check out D'mai Urban Spa bc yea it is very close to home and sometimes u just dont feel like going to the city....

"Im listening with my Eyes"

Jillian said...

..how ironic..i was just thinking this morning how i should book myself an appointment at the spa..

there is a fabulous spa at the gym i work at..so not only is it close...25% employee discount! what what!... :) enjoy your spa day!

(never tried hot stone..hmmmm)

Tamina said...

I might have to try your spot- i went to blue mercury recently in AC and it was amazing - like i dont even know how to explain my massage and facial -heard they even have a new york location now-but yea spa day sounds sweet right about now...

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

You just gave me an idea...make an appointment with the spa. I love full body sugar scrubs!!

MS. NAOMiE said...

yeah i've NEVER been to a spa...but i will be making reservations for valentines day!! cant wait

Peggy M. said...

MoBetta ThanBlues... D'mai is the spot... especially if it is near you, you should definitely give it a try.

Jullian... I'm jealous! Lemme get a discount...lol

Mina...we can go together... let me know.

BCU... full body sugar scrubs are the way to go...for real.

MS. NAOMiE... please go to a spa asap. You'll love it and become a regular as I have.

JEN MOISE said...

peggy!!! lemme know when u going cuz im desperately in NEED for one ASAP....see u friday

Dreegz said...

Yes I have.
There was a time when me and a few of my co-workers would take the day off from work to go different places and try different things. Whether it be going to an authentic ethiopian restaurant, having a true Italian experience down in little Italy or having one of the best Spa treatments ever. At this very moment I'm having flashbacks.
We went to a nice, clean, calming spot in Downtown Manhattan. If I recall it was $30 to $40 for an hour.
Oh my goodness it was the best.
We undressed completely, were handed a towel, and lead into a room with dim lighting, a wonderful aroma and soothing sounds from the rain forest echoing through the air. That masseuse went to work on my body, literally from head to toe. A nice hot cloth over my face, aromatic oils being rubbed on my body and a deep deep massage on my entire body was what I needed.