17 December 2008

i'm off...

... to my company's Holiday Party .... let's see how many fools act a fool tonight, like every other year. I swear Corporate America workers are some of theee biggest drunks... especially in the insurance industry... but hey, these broker's drive us to drink most times.

Anyway, I'm embracing my chic-ness today... donned in a cream - office appropriate - part viscose, part nylon, part spandex - fitted Club Monaco dress [Rose you'd love this dress boo...] with some nice heels and my Rihanna-esque cut nice and sleek... chandelier earrings that are just right and a little bit of MAC lip gloss... well lipgelee really...lol. Yeah, I'm feelin' myself ... I don't usually toot my own horn but hey, we are in an era of CHANGE [Obama '08] so I'll take advantage... haha

By the time I get home, I may be too tipsy to post anything else or reply to any postings but then again I am funnier than usual when I'm tipsy soo ... who knows. Wait - I do have a 5 year old to tend to when I get in, so I'll probably need to sober up. I think she laughs at me when I'm under the influence...smh.

Have a good evening people..


Kofi Bofah said...

Fools acting a Fool.


Do not get drunk at the company party.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

can i join you? you're very pretty


Rose said...

OOOO.. it sure does sound Like I would love that Dress! I know you was Killin that shit too
Pegs!!! & C'MON...It's more than ok to feel your self when you're a Fashionista Babes! Hope u had fun :-)

Adina said...

I'm a prime example of the corporate drunk, lmaoo...I swear it has everything to do with the damn insurance industry, gosh I need help, LOL

There ain't a damn thing wrong with tooting your own horn!! You were looking FABULOUS as always :)

Anonymous said...

girl, u better tell me ALL those drunken stories bc i have SO many to share from my holiday shin dig! lmfao

sounds like you looked good missy! we need to shop together! lol

Peggy M. said...

thank you all :)

tanya ... i'm always down for shopping. lol.