05 September 2007

Introducing Lydia Caesar....

I'm not the only person who had goosebumps simply hearing Lydia Caesar's soulful voice over a live band. Anyone who was at the Triad Theatre on Saturday night can attest to that. Her stage presence is similar to that of Fantasia's while singing "I Believe", the award-winning song that made her America's Idol or Mary J Blige singing one of her many hits. Not only is the 24 year-old Ms. Caesar beautiful and talented, she also has an impressive personality and a sense of humor to tag along with it. Yeah, she's funny as hell. Heard in between her performances are little jokes that has the crowd erupt in laughter. I had the pleasure to sit with Lydia after her showcase and got to know her a little better. I must say, speaking to her made me appreciate her and work much more than I already did. Aside from all that, as if it isn't enough, Lydia is a student at Hofstra University persuing her BA in Theatre, an aspiring actress, a designer (CaesarWest Designs - a line of denim handmade earrings), and a mother to her 3 year-old daughter. Lydia's strong personality tells me that she has the ability to survive in an unpredictable entertainment industry. Look out for the full article on Lydia Caesar coming soon in The Feature Magazine. For more about her visit www.myspace.com/lydiacaesar.

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