07 September 2007

Aesthetically Pleasing!

After leaving this Diet Pepsi event at Nort on Thursday, Sept 6th, my friends (in the picture to the left with me - Rondell of DappaDonz Prod & GC of The OBM Group) wanted to go to 230 Fifth, a spot they usually visit when wanting to chill, have some drinks, and some pretty decent food. Besides, they were having a Fashion Week event, as were several other spots. On the other hand, I was a 230 Fifth virgin, so I was a bit hesitant and really wanted to go home. However, after a little convincing (yeah it doesn't take much with me), I opted to go. I'm ecstatic that I made that choice. I can reasonably say that this place, which I'm sure several have visited already, is the epitome of alluring! Did I mention the view of the skyline? Simply marvelous. It totally gets my urbane approval stamp! I should start doing that now....hmmm...something to ponder.

Here's a little about this oh so aesthetic venue:
230 Fifth, located on 5th Avenue in the city, opened it doors in May of '06 and is open all year round from 4pm to 4am. Created by the former owner of the infamous Roxy and Palladium nightclubs, 230 Fifth has the largest outdoor Rooftop Garden and Penthouse Lounge in NYC!

I must say after leaving, I am definitely going to visit the luxurious 230 Fifth again and encourage those who haven't been there to give it a try! For more, visit
http://www.230-fifth.com/. Here are some pics of the outdoor Rooftop and Penthouse Lounge below. Enjoy!

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Natalie said...

I love this place...been there before and it definitely gets my ratings...and it is the only spot that plays "Sparrow" - for those who dont know who that is, one of the greatest calypsonians to ever live.