25 August 2007

She's Bossssy!

Hey People!
What better way to start blogging, then to talk about none other than the oh-so-unique Mrs. Kelis Rogers-Jones! I won't go crazy (I promise), and I say this because everyone that knows me knows that I totally adore Mrs. Jones, she's so dope, what can I say?!?!? So I must warn you now & say that you will see her periodically throughout my blog. She is incomparable, beauteous & urbane! Kelis recently celebrated her 28th birthday in at Cameo, in Miami. Happy Birthday Kelis!

Also, be sure to check out Fashion Rocks Magazine, for a hot article about Nas & Kelis and their upcoming MTV Documentary (I can't wait!). Here's a sneak preview, let me know what you guys think!


S.Quire said...

I love her ass 2 but I think Nas should of gotten with A. Keys!

Peggy said...

I disagree! They make a great couple! Hmph! :-)

Natalie said...

Kelis rocks but it is about time that she and Nas tie the knot...damn is how many eons they want to carry on this engagement for...:-)

Adina said...

These two are my ultimate couple....love them to death!!! They compliment each other so well man that it’s crazy. Can't wait for the show!!!