24 August 2007

Welcome to Crème de la Crème!

Hey People!

I will be using this blog as an avenue to discuss what's happening within the fashion, entertainment and nightlife industries as well as social events, and any interesting ventures I'm aware of - especially NYC events. Whether it's the latest fad, newest clothing lines, hottest celeb news or nightlife events, mouthwatering restaurants, a fundraising event or a simple after work spot, it's being spoken about right here!!

I will also state my opinion on certain topics, so I encourage you all to leave feedback on the postings as well, this will give me the communicative dialogue I'm looking for ! I also urge criticisms. If anyone feels there is anything I can do to improve the site and its content, please let me know! The material presented here will be a fragment of a forthcoming magazine. The magazine's content will be similar to that of this blog, just in greater depths.

Get ready to enter the dynamic world of young entrepreneurs, diverse socialites and culturally expressive individuals!!!

Feel free to check me out on MySpace: www.myspace.com/dainty_vixen also


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