22 January 2010

incoherent babble.

I often wonder about the pain we inflict on each another. How do we justify the things we do? Whether it's the betrayal of cheating or something as deeply painful as ethnic cleansing...how are we able to sanely justify these things? I remember going through something emotionally painful once. The pain was so immense; I was positive that physical pain would be less painful. I even wished there was a way that people who intentionally and neglectfully inflicted emotional pain, were punished like those who physically hurt people. But in real life, physical pain can somewhat be quantified, I don’t think emotional pain can. I think those who hurt people without regard need rehabilitation like those who bruise and batter people.

A friend was going through something emotionally painful recently. She said she wished she could take out her heart and sit it somewhere so it could cool off. It sounds crazy, but I thought the statement was beautiful and made complete sense. Think about it.

There are times when emotional pain is so much; you need a physical way out.

I've accepted some things by remembering, some people do the best with what they know. If you don't know much, your "best" will be lacking - severely. Even if they know better, sometimes the ego interferes with whatever good sense they have left in their possession. The older I get and the more I listen to my intuition, I'm able to identify these people quicker. Sure, some of these things make us stronger. However, I think some of the pains are highly unnecessary, and not everyone can bounce back with a positive attitude. I’ve also learned that sometimes it’s hard to understand certain things people do, especially when your soul wouldn’t allow you to do such things.


Eb the Celeb said...

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Tierra/aRRe said...

wow, I went through something really painful myself about a year ago. ..Taking my heart out and sitting it anywhere outside of my body wouldve been perfect - but unfortunately life isnt that easy.

I hated what was happening to me. I had a broken heart, that took about a year to fix. & yes, like you, growing up has also helped me to see through folks better. & it teaches me to love me wholly. ..when I began that, I was in a different head space and my heart was healed. - so I think [maybe I'm to blame for giving someone a bigger part of my heart than I gave myself]. Either way, lesson learned.

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