01 October 2009

untitled: two.

we spoke again. i love being there for people i care about. i think she's at a point in her life where she's past the whole open relationship/dating phase. growing up, i was always taught not to settle. why is she settling for something that is not in her best interest? nor does it fit her lifestyle right now. i don't know what else to tell her. i mean, i can only give but so much advice. i remember us being young and into whatever dude fit our mood for that moment but we’ve definitely outgrown that.

…and the truth if she isn't comfortable with some of the things that occur and monogamy has become a little more attractive to her, she should let him know, or pursue it.

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Pana said...

I agree , I think you should let someone know how you feel, because you will always wonder what if. At a certain point, we have to go after what we want even if that means letting go. great post :o)