09 January 2009


It's Friday and the weekend is upon us. I almost decided to stay home after I dropped my daughter off to school this morning, but then I remembered I had something important to do so I needed to be in the office, not to mention the mile high list of things I need to start knockin' down... the holidays are over, so I have no excuses. Ha.

But guess what? Our systems have been down since this morning ... =/

I'm usually ok with this, but today I'm a bit annoyed. Hopefully the server comes back up soon enough.
I never mind going in to work on Fridays, I feel like it's the only day of the week that flies by... and Wednesdays, those fly by for me too. Don't ask 'cuz idk...

With systems being down and nothing much I can do about it, I'm sitting here surfing the web, planning out my weekend, listening to Corinne, drinking POM Juice and blogging... hence this post.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Jillian said...

hate when computers are down at work...

have a GREAT weekend too!!

enjoy that Spa! (if it's this weekend lol)

Peggy M. said...

thanks Jillian =)