21 January 2009

say what?

** Posted for Sha**

Amidst all the Obamanation Domination, my ears were able to pick up this juicy tidbit:

Apparently, there was a settlement from some class action lawsuit filed against cosmetic companies (for price fixing) that starting today, they’re being forced to shell out $175 million dollars in FREE MAKEUP! That’s right, FREE 99; that’s according to News Channel 4. Where do you go to get yours? So glad you asked. Go to any: Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus, Target and Dillards. Some of the brands included are Christian Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Clinique and more! It’s first come; first serve ladies so jump on it!


Adina said...

Honeyyyy we sure did jump on it and maybe we'll jump again, LOL, LOL

love&nappyness said...

what???? so u just ask them for makeup??? are there signs??? lol

Jillian said...

um everywhere? or just in your neck of the woods?

Sha said...

Hey Ladies!
Just wanted to share my experience...I went to Macy's (in Brooklyn) yesterday after work and the line was INSANE. It was outside y'all! LOL. It moved quickly though. My suggestion, if you can, go early b/c you don't wanna miss this. And Jillian it's nation wide.

Adina said...

Yes Jillian, its everyyyyywhere!!! Sssshhhhhh...Come closer, I went to two different Macy's today LOL, LOL...Went home with two lovely bodywashes by Ralph Lauren & Calvin Klein...So Jillian & everyone else...HURRY before its done :)