03 January 2009

i'm appalled.

So, last night I went to this ghetto urban spot [see plastic cups? smh!] called 95 South in Brooklyn. I can't remember the last time I partied in Brooklyn. Actually, I can. It was when I wasn't able to get into Manhattan parties, Brooklyn clubs would let me in. No matter how old I was...all I had to do was crack a smile, twinkle my eyes and show my ass arch my back while walking in and it was all good.

Last night was a serious reminder of why I can't stand to party in my favorite borough. The bum looking broads girls in the club were completely out of my caliber. I mean why should I be in a party where bitches are wearing air max sneakers and tims?? Somebody hand me a paperbag ... I'm about to puke =/

I went because my older brother Jose
[pictured above with me]
was having a party there, as he does every Friday, and I've been dodging him everytime but last night he was like "Please Sis, just come through for a little bit". I mean it was only a 15 minute car ride, so I was like fuck it. Man, when I seen the gray sweats and tims, I had to look up and see who was wearing it. But then I thought about it, realized I was in the hood, took the almost wanting to regurgitate look off my face, then looked up and smiled casually at what looked to be someone's mother.

I felt like an outcast. Like one of those 'pick out the odd one' elementary school assignments. From the moment I walked in till the moment I walked out, people were staring at me
[guess they were never taught that staring is rude]

Never again. Jose, if you're reading this - please don't feel a way, just hurry and move your events to the city. I'm happy I got a chance to hang out with my brother, but the only way you'll have me back up in that bitch again is if I decided to take you up on your offer to work the door and make some quick cash.

Love You Zae!


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Cute picture...cute brother ;)

LMAO at your description of the club...ha!!!

I know how you feel about going to hood...I mean, urban clubs. Makes you feel as though you could be at home, doing you {in more ways than one} and having a better time.

ChiChi said...

I was born and raised in Bk and I wouldn't two step anywhere near its clubs. [YUCK!]

I was unfortunately dragged to one during my teenage years and I vowed NEVER to go back.

-Girls w. headties
-Sneakers and Timbs as you mentioned
-Little Boys who just want to fight

Kim| Tres Jolie said...

I was born & raised in Brooklyn. Ever since I began partying a short 3 years ago (I've stopped), I've always been against Brooklyn parties to avoid things like you mentioned. I went to Reign ONCE because it's not too far from my house. HORRIBLE!

I never understood why females think it's okay to go out clubbing in sweats, airmax 95's, hair tied up - just looking a HOT MESS!!!

Then, the fights! They happen everywhere but, people from Brooklyn (the thorough borough) for some reason feel like they have to prove something. Who comes to parties just to fight???

Peggy M. said...

Thanks BCU =)
I know you know what I'm talking 'bout.. I seen the 'hood' chicks in Atlanta myself =/

ChiChi...exactly my words. I.Just.CANT!

Kim...Yes! Air Max 95's, that's what they are! I couldn't remember the name for shit... I'm like sneaker illiterate. But I haven't partied in BK since I was like 18 and boy was I pissed the hell off! I never ever been to Reign, I heard about that spot too. I'm good on BK parties. Shoot, now that I think of it, I don't know if I should even work his door! That's how disgusted I was. TIMS?! SNEAKERS?! I mean come on!

I'll stick to Manhattan parties (Showcase/Empire). They're door selective. I love it. =)

Jillian said...

I don't understand how females step out to go to a club or party and would dress as described..it's not just a BK thing, I've seen it in all the places I've lived...and ended up at parties or clubs where I DEFINITELY stood out as overdressed...

don't remember the spot my NY Fam took me to when I last visited...they said we goin to a club so I put on this nice black/white dress, heels, did my hair..for whatever reason things fell thru and we ended up at this hole in the wall spot, where yes, the sweats and sneakers were in full effect...i just shook my head and took a shot of patron lol..

Peggy M. said...

LOL @ Jillian ... hope the Patron helped =)

Yeah, it's definitely not only BK!

Anonymous said...


Now I know who I'm NOT taking to the club with me!!!!:)

Jillian said...

...yes..3 of them helped! lol

btw..love that you pointed out the plastic cups lol

Adina said...

I'm totally LOL @ your description because I soooo can envision the look of disgust on your face!! I'm surprised Zae was even able to get you out there, LOL...SMH hoodmommas rocking their boo's gear to the club, ugghhhh how horrid is that?? I've never ever been to a club in BK because of the things I hear...When I do party, it will only be in Manhattan!!!

Tamina said...

Lmao Peggs- yes girl its funny going into these lil spots like uh ah what r ya'll wearing or doing for that matter smh- the city it is for the hot shit lol but not gonna front i went to this lil spot downtown bk called Deity and it was an eclectic mix -gotta try that for drinks one day but other then i totally feelllll u on that shit

**trucee writer** said...

should have bought yo ass to Iguana's missy!! HMPH!

lmao @ the person being someones mom...NO bueno!

That might actually be anti-bueno!

Nadege said...

I love you. You're so talented. Sorry for being mushy on your blog but I had to blast it. love ya.

She's Gotta Have It said...

There's definitely a major difference between parties in BK and clubs in the city. A friend invited me out to some spot on Smith St. a few weeks back and against my better judgment I went along. Oh lord... hood rats and posers galore. Towards the end of the night people were getting belligerent and both dudes and girls started to spill out onto the street ready to fight. I managed to find parking right outside the club, and as soon as I saw hands go into pockets, I was out. NEVER again.

LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

Can I say how I SOOO relate to this blog! Thank you for putting words to how so many of us "Classy specimans" feel all the time when we do a favor for someone close to us and party in the hood! Well your brother should be happy you love him enough! CRAZY!

Bombchell said...

ha ha ha i was about to say yall look like a cute couple then i finished reading it.

LOL wow people wear sneakers to the club, I hope they were going to an 80's look or something

Brothers Blog said...

AHHH gotta love hood spots. lol.

Well you looked great even though you probably stood out like a sore thumb.

smh @ sweat pants and timbs. lol

Srod said...

First, you and Zae look so much alike. Secondly, I really had to crack up, your description of that Brooklyn club is how I always imagined most Brooklyn clubs to be. I don't know why but I just did. Thanks for proving me right.

Love ya!