28 January 2009

elephant in the room.

The elephant in the room is an expression for an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed.

There is a certain area in my life that has a huge elephant ... it's almost hilarious. Like uhhh, how do you not see that??

Oh wait ... it is seen. It's just ignored.



brook lynne carter. said...

ok i use that expression all the time. "THERES A PINK SUEDE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, HELLO??"

i say this about the stupid ass show "real chance at love"..im like are you serious? is this just not a fruit salad to yall, or am i just being mean? they seem way to fruity to be heterosexual. hence, pink elephant.

peggy m. said...

brook -- lmao. you are not being mean. he is.. (i hope tamina doesn't see this). lol.

everyone's ignoring that elephant!


Rose said...

LOL!!! Story of my LIFE!! these sittuations can get so awkword.. but they're really Funny at the same time- cus you wanna make a comment, but u don't wanna make a comment, cus we're not supposed to recognize whatever it is 99.9% of the people in the room are trying to ignore LOL, SMH!... guess it would be a bit Taboo to mention..who knows?... The most current elephant I'm thinking of has Blue and Green Stripes and yellow bows with a big sign that reads "Please remain silent"!!! LOL! love that elephant!! so Classic.

peggy m. said...

Rosie. LMAO. I'm done.

Rose said...

LMAO, I knew you would!